Cancer The Crab And The North Star: Mazzaroth Series Part 8

Gen. 22:17 “I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies.”


God always leads and guides His people.  As the Good Shepherd, He seeks them out and leads them to good pastures and living water.  He never leaves or forsakes us, no matter what.  In the North Star, we see a beautiful depiction of this aspect of Jesus. He is truly our Bright and Morning star!

Not Astrology!

As I have said in earlier parts of this series, this has nothing to do with astrology, but it bears repeating.  The Gospel in the stars exists because, in ancient times, they didn’t have the written word of God.  So until it was recorded, the Gospel was spread by recounting the story written in the night sky, passing it down from father to son.

Astrology is one of the many pathetic devices of the devil in an attempt to pervert the Real story.  He doesn’t want the gospel to be spread around so that man can learn the truth, be converted, and go to heaven.  He hates God and therefore man, who is made in His image.  But cannot strike at God directly so he does the next best thing:  He strikes at God’s beloved:  US!

Cancer, The Crab.

The North Star is part of the first decan, or minor constellation, known in ancient times as “The Lesser Sheepfold.”  We today call it, “Ursa Minor.”  It, along with Ursa Major and Argo, belongs to the major constellation “Cancer:  The Crab.”  It is the second to last major constellation, followed by Leo.  In our celestial narrative, it is scene 2 of Act 3 of this amazing three-act play in the night sky.

Why a crab?  Because crabs are uniquely equipped to live in two different environments:  Water and dry land.  As the Church, we also are equipped for life in two different environments:  Heaven and of earth.

Just as a crab has many legs, so the Church is comprised of many members, redeemed from every tongue, every tribe, and every nation under heaven.  The two appendages it uses for tightly grasping objects remind us of what the Bible says:  “Hold fast to that which is good.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:21); “Lay hold of the hope that is set before us.” (Hebrews 6:18.)  “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called.” (1 Timothy 6:12.)

Ancient Names Of Cancer.

Cancer was know to the ancient Hebrews as, “Sartan:  The One Who Binds.”  The Arabic and Syriac names are nearly identical:  “Al Sartan,” and “Sartano,” respectively.  To the Egyptians it was known as, “Klaria:  The Cattle Folds,” while the Greeks called this star grouping, “Karkinos:  The Crab, holding, encircling the possession.”  Sounds like our Jesus surrounding and protection His flock, doesn’t it?

This description leads into the beautiful picture of Ursa Minor which, in ancient times, as I said, was called, “The lesser sheepfold,” a depiction of the nation of Israel.”  At the very tip of the handle of this “Little dipper,” is “Polaris:  The North Star.”


Guiding Star.

Wikipedia says of the pole or north star: “Because of it’s importance in celestial navigation, every culture used it as a guide. That’s why “Polaris” is known by numerous names.

“One ancient name was “Cynosūra,” from the Greek κυνόσουρα, “The dog’s tail.” It reflects a time when the constellation of Ursa Minor, or “Little Bear,” was thought to represent a dog.  Most other names by which it was called are directly tied to its role as pole star.”

(Ancient depiction of Ursa Minor:  The Lesser Sheepfold.)

The Lesser Sheepfold.

In ancient times, Ursa Minor was not depicted as a dog but rather as “The lesser sheepfold,” shown above.  See what I mean? The perverter, the serpent, strikes again, trying to distort the narrative.  The Lesser sheepfold depiction is much more in line with the gospel story than “The little bear.”

In Chapter 9 of Job, the oldest book of the Bible, God refers to this star grouping as “The Bear,” presumably because it was already known by that name.  The distortion began very early as you can see.



“In our era, polaris lies in a nearly direct line with the axis of the Earth’s rotation above the North Pole—the north celestial pole that is.  It stands almost motionless in the sky, and all the stars of the Northern sky appear to rotate around it. Therefore, it makes an excellent fixed point from which to draw measurements for celestial navigation and for astrometry.”

When David wrote, “Night unto night showeth knowledge” (Psalm 19:2), he must have been referring to meanings of the names of the stars. Though most people today are not aware of those ancient names, David and his contemporaries most assuredly were.  In his native language, Hebrew, the names of the stars were commonly used in many messianic prophecies.

(Shift of the pole star from Thuban to Polaris)
A Shift In The Heavens!
The north star is located in Ursa Minor, or “The little dipper.”  Cynosūra, or Polaris, the North star, also called “The Guiding Star,” wasn’t always the one that guided sailors through the seas.  In ancient times, “Alpha Draconis:  The Dragon star,” held that position. The name for this star in Arabic is “Thuban,” which means, “Snake.”  —
The picture above shows the shift of the guiding star from Thuban, located in Draco, the great dragon, to Cynosūre.  
Remember what happened in the garden?  Adam bowed his knee to the devil, the outlaw spirit, and he held the “Keys,” if you will, to the earth.  But everything changed when Jesus defeated him at cross and cried, “Finished!”  
Ursa Minor, called “Kochab,” in Hebrew, is so named for it’s second brightest star in the upper right section of that constellation. Kochab means “Him Who cometh.”  Others called it “Cynosūra,” referring to the entire constellation.  The word quite literally means“The Center, or The Center of the Constellations!!!”
Jesus Is The Center.
Due to the slow progressions of the heavens, this star, which is part of the constellation of Ursa Minor or “The Lesser Flock,” has now become the North star.  It is a heavenly Sign that represents the Kingdom of Our Lord, Jesus!
How cool is that? God so orchestrated the movement of the stars in the heavens that the center of them has been removed out of a constellation symbolizing satan, who once held the keys, into this one symbolizing JESUS’ EVERLASTING KINGDOM!   HALLELUJAH!!!
(Time-lapse photo of the stars revolving around Polaris, the North Star.)

This is of phenomenal import because these stars were named thousands of years ago.  How could these primitive people have known that the positions of the stars would shift?  The answer is, in their natural wisdom, THEY COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN.  The only possible explanation is, IT WAS REVEALED IT TO THEM BY ALMIGHTY GOD!!

The Dragon Is Overthrown! 

The dragon star is no longer the center star around which all others revolve!  There has been a change in the powers in the heavens!!!   The kingdom of this world is now become THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD AND OF HIS CHRIST!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!

Awesome!!!  The Heavens really DO declare the glory of the Lord!  They are testament to the fact that ALL POWER has been wrested away from the devil!  The keys of heaven and hell now belong to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!

Jesus says in Revelation 1:8 “I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. AND I HAVE THE KEYS OF HADES AND OF DEATH.”

Still Speaking To Us.

God is still speaking to us through the stars, even to this present day, though we no longer rely on them to tell the Gospel story.  The One Who created them, placed them in the heavens, and orchestrates their movements, made them “For signs and for seasons.” (Genesis 1:14)  He wants his children to know the times and the seasons so that we will fear not when troubles and calamities come on the earth.  And they will come as the time for our departure grows nearer.

But you and I will not fear.  We will know the times and the seasons.  We will know that our redemption, The Rapture, draws near.

We know the truth, don’t we Church?  It isn’t the stars that rule our lives:  The Bright and Morning Star, JESUS, does.  AMEN.  And as proved by this fixed point in the heavens, everything, everything, EVERYTHING revolves around Him.  

He is the true NORTH STAR.

Please follow the link below to Part 9.  We’ll be learning some amazing things about the star of Bethlehem!


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