Genesis 5 Has An Encouraging Message For Us.

Genesis 5:1-3
“1 This is the book of the genealogy of Adam. In the day that God created man, He made him in the likeness of God.
2 He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created. 3 And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.”
So begins chapter five of the book of Genesis.  It’s one “begat” after another.  Pretty boring stuff.  I used to be yawning by the end of the chapter.  Did you ever wonder why God put this one and others like it in the Bible?  I did, until I learned something about the meaning of names. Since then, they have all taken on new meaning.  They’ve come alive!
The Begets.
Below is a list of all the “begets” in this chapter:
Adam begot Seth.
Seth begot Enosh.
Enosh begot Cainan.
Cainan begot Mahalalel.

Mahalalel begot Jared.
Jared begot Enoch.
Enoch begot Methuselah.
Methuselah begot Lamech.
Lamech had a son and he called his name Noah.
(Are you asleep yet?ZZZZzzzzzzz)

I used to skim…Ok, let me be honest…SKIP…..over these kinds of chapters.  But it turns out that this is just one more example showing us that there is no such thing as a superfluous detail in the Bible.  Nope.  Not one.  The Holy Spirit has a reason for every letter, every word and every phrase.  Even the order in which they are placed has meaning.
There are hidden nuggets of truth everywhere, meanings hidden in the names of people, of places, things and numbers.  This meaning in numbers the rabbis call “Gematria.”  Now that I understand some of these things, the whole chapter has taken on new meaning.  It’s not just fluff or filler to make the book thicker.
Genesis is one of the most prophetic books of the Bible, perhaps more than any other.  There are, believe it or not, end-time prophecies to be found here.  In these last days, this entire book of Genesis will play out again. In fact, it has already begun to happen.
Warped Version.
With the release of the Hollywood’s warped version of Noah’s flood in early 2014, it occurred to me that perhaps a little perspective might be in order. No, it is not Biblically accurate by ANY stretch of the imagination.  It most definitely does NOT accurately portray our AWESOME GOD.  But it does indicates a curiosity about spiritual things, however skewed.  Perhaps it will inspire some to actually open the Book and read the real story.
I do, however, resent the way our awesome Daddy was portrayed.  He is not some vengeful, absentee landlord dispensing judgment from a distance. He is the Most wonderful and loving Father Who gave up His beloved Son to save us!
Beyond Repair
What  the producers of this movie and, honestly, most Christians don’t understand is why the human race had become so riddled with evil it was beyond repair.  They may know it had something to do with fallen angels and the Nephilim but don’t really know the whole story.  
(For more information on that topic, follow the link below:  
Secrets In Hebrew Names.
Let’s look at the opening passage again, align each name with it’s meaning as translated from the Hebrew and see what the Holy Spirit has hidden for us.  It’s a message of encouragement to us!
Mahalalel……..blessed God
“Man is appointed mortal sorrow. But the blessed God will come down teaching (with his mouth).  His death will bring powerful rest.”
The End Times.
What does this passage have to do with the end times?  I’m sure you noticed the curious meaning of Methuselah’s name.  Why do you think Enoch was so motivated to serve God with his whole heart?  Because God had spoken to him and shared with him what He was planning to do.  That’s why he gave his son that name.
It’s very clear from the meaning of Methuselah’s name that when this boy died, God was going to bring down worldwide judgment on mankind.   All of the neighbors who happened to know Enoch’s son understood what his name meant.  Betcha with every sneeze or hiccup his neighbors wondered, “Is this it? Is this the day God is going to send judgment now?”
With every birthday, can’t you just imagine all the angels, (particularly the warrior ones), asking God, “This year, God?”….and next year….”is it this year?” (Water pails in hand perhaps?).
But our God LOVES mercy, NOT judgment.  He is SLOW to anger.  This boy is the embodiment of that trait.  That’s why Methuselah was the oldest living man.  God drew that boy’s years out on and on and on and on until he was 969 years old; older than even Adam, who lived to be 930.  He did not want to give that order.
But at last, He had to say, “Enough!”….and the very day Noah and his family were shut into the ark, an unspecified period of time after Enoch was translated, was the day Methuselah died.  At God’s command, the fountains of the deep burst open, the windows of heaven were opened, and the greatest destruction of all time fell upon the earth.  Everything and everyone in which was the breath of life, except for the eight people in the ark, DIED.
Rapture Generation.
Enoch, who never tasted death but was translated instantly by God and taken into heaven, is a picture of the RAPTURE GENERATION.  That’s us, Church!  Before the worst of times hits planet earth, we who belong to Jesus will be taken out of this world in the greatest disappearance of all time!  This event will cause no little confusion!
Enoch walks into heaven
(Enoch walks into heaven.)
That’s right:  When the tribulation hits earth, threatening to destroy all life, BELIEVERS WILL NOT BE HERE.  In fact, if God does not cut those days short, all life on earth will be extinguished.
God’s Beloved Son.
Most important of all, as throughout the entire Bible, God is pointing to His Beloved Son in this account of the real-live, world-wide deluge.
Who was it that took our place?
Who endured all God’s fiery indignation and wrath in our stead?
Who’s death brought powerful rest? JESUS!
No More Judgment.
So from now on, when you see a rainbow after a storm, don’t think only of no more “physical” flood.  Those waters were waters of judgment.  That bow in the clouds also means NO MORE JUDGMENT…..NO MORE CONDEMNATION!
{see Isaiah 54.}
Then there’s the word in Hebrew for bow: “qeshet.” Bow, like “bow and arrow,” only God’s “bow,” used to shoot arrows of judgment at man.
Nope…There are NO insignificant details; not one superfluous word, description, number or story in THE WHOLE BIBLE!…and now you know why the Holy Spirit put this…..formerly boring…..chapter in the Book.
You see, even if we don’t always understand….and we don’t…..God really does have a reason for everything.
That is why Genesis 5 is in the Bible.  God placed there an encouraging word for us!

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