The Wave And Heave Offerings

Exodus 29:26-27 NKJV
“26 Then you shall take the breast of the ram of Aaron’s consecration and wave it as a wave offering before the Lord ; and it shall be your portion.
27 And from the ram of the consecration you shall consecrate the breast of the wave offering which is WAVED, and the thigh of the HEAVE offering which is raised, of that which is for Aaron and of that which is for his sons.”
Some of these Old Testament passages kinda leave you scratchin’ your head like this one about the “Wave and heave offerings.”  Ever wonder what all that waving and heaving was about?  Well, wonder no more!  Once again, The Holy Spirit is painting beautiful pictures of Jesus!
Treated Like Royalty.
The Peace Offering is one of the five offerings of Leviticus.  When the people brought it to them, the priests were given the choicest parts, particularly the breast and the right thigh, to eat.  It was their portion specifically given to them by the LORD.  They only required to wave the breast or heave the thigh portion before Him, then prepare it to be consumed by the other priests.
The Levites were the priestly tribe and God considered them like royalty.  In those days, eating meat was a real luxury.  The average Israelite primarily ate barley, humus, rice, and things like that.  The breast and the right thigh portions were choice cuts of meat given the priests because those parts were of special significance to God.
As you can see, It was a big deal to be a priest and very important to keep track of one’s lineage to prove it. That’s why, when Israel returned from Babylon, some of them who lost their genealogy, had to seek the discernment of the Urim and Thummim to prove they were priests.
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The Best Of Everything.
Levites also lived in the best places.  Most of these cities of refuge were on mountain tops.  In fact, 5 of the 6 cities were on mountains and populated by the priestly tribe.  Anyone who committed manslaughter and was admitted into the city of refuge got royal treatment, just like the priests.
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The one who took refuge with the Levites also ate what the Levites ate and got to wear what they wore:  Linen garments called “Kettoneth.”  This was a long-sleeved, ankle-length garment.  Long sleeves meant you didn’t have to do menial work in that culture.  Linen was such an expensive material back then that only royalty and the very wealthy could afford it.
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Types And Shadows.
Beside being the choicest meat, why the breast and thigh?  Breast speaks of love while the thigh typifies strength.  These portions of the sacrifice belonged to both Aaron AND his sons.  Aaron was the high priest of ancient Israel.  He is representative of our GREAT High priest, Jesus!   And who are the priests today?  YOU AND I, Church!
Aaron, as you know, was called “High” priest.  Nowhere in the Old Testament do you find anyone being called “Great High Priest.”  Only Jesus is accorded that honor.  As Aaron’s sons were priests under him, they typify all of us as priests–SONS AND DAUGHTERS–under Jesus.  They were of the Levitical order but, like Jesus, you and I are priests after the order of Melchizedek. Ours is an eternal priesthood!
So, the breast {love} and thigh {strength} meat were the priestly portions.  Who are these priests today?  US, Church!  These offerings demonstrate to us today that feeding on Jesus’ love FOR us and on His strength gives us strength.
Picture This.
Tell me:  What motion do you make when you wave?  Side to side, right?  What motion do you make when you “Heave”  something, as if to toss it up in the air?  It’s an up and down motion.  Put both of those motions together and what are you drawing?  A CROSS!  It’s a picture of Jesus on the cross!
Our priestly portion, Church, from which we derive strength and feel His love, is feeding on Jesus and focusing on His sacrifice on the cross!  He is our Wave and Heave offering!

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