The Golden Boards: Tabernacle Series Part 2

2 Corinthians 3:18
“18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.”


What in the world does this verse have to do with the the golden boards of the tabernacle? If you were asking yourself that question, I’m glad you did!

Everything in the New Testament is hidden somewhere in the Old. It’s like a dictionary, or Pictionary, of the New, like an expanded view. It is filled with wonderful pictures, descriptions and visual aids to explain the spiritual truths of the New.

How Does God See You?
Our Heavenly Father sees you and I equally precious, bright, and shining, like the purest gold, and so valuable as to be priceless. All of these pictures, descriptions, events and laws are recorded specifically by the Holy Spirit for our learning and benefit. He is the Master Storyteller!

(Acacia wood overlaid with gold set in silver sockets.)

The golden boards formed the walls of the Holy Place and Holy of Holies. They were actually made of wood; more precisely, acacia wood, overlaid with gold. Acacia wood is considered incorruptible.  There were 48 boards in all, each of them standing upright not laying down.

Why 48? Because the Bible says of you and I in the New Testament that we are “In Christ,” 48 times!  How awesome is that?!


Wood in the Bible typifies humanity.  The Acacia tree grows in very dry, dusty, desert-like places. We know from Genesis 3 that the devil “Crawls on his belly and eats dust.”  Therefore, this tree is a picture of fallen humanity rooted in the cursed earth; dry and dusty.

As long as we are rooted in the dusty, cursed earth, i.e. “unsaved,” he {the devil} can pick our number out of the “hat” any time he wants. We are completely defenseless.
But, when the tree is cut off from it’s roots and fashioned into boards, it depicts the believer being cut off from this cursed earth, being fitly joined together into the household of faith.  Thus, we are no longer subject to the curse, and we are protected by God Himself!  HALLELUJAH!
(Acacia tree.)

But God doesn’t stop there. Each board is completely encased in gold. Gold in the Bible as you read earlier, is a picture of Divine righteousness. EVERY BELIEVER is completely encased in it and protected on ALL sides.

Gold And Silver.

At the base of each golden board are two footings that fit into solid silver sockets. The “two” footings are representative of “two” things: #1. Jesus’ death; AND #2. Jesus’ resurrection……WHICH EQUALS OUR SALVATION!  You see, His death would be pointless without His resurrection. It’s our receipt, our blessed assurance, that our debt of sin is paid for IN FULL!!! HALLELUJAH!!!
Silver, on the other hand, is a depiction of redemption. Every time you see it mentioned, understand that the Holy Spirit is talking about us as redeemed of the Lord.  Silver trumpets, for example, when sounded, are shouting out our redeemed status!

Eternally Secure.

So we, who are made of wood, have been cut off from the curse of this world.  We are completely surrounded and encased in Divine righteousness, forever secure, rooted and grounded in the silver of the redemption of Christ and His finished work!  Our salvation is eternally secure!

(Cut-away of Holy Place and Holy of Holies.)

How God Sees You.

All the boards are facing each other.  They are exactly the same size and shape as every other board, not one above another.  Each “Board” can only “See,” as it were, the golden exterior of every other “board.”

When problems arise in the church, it is most often because we fail to “See” every other believer in this way:  To “See” their golden exterior…the way God sees them.  By overlooking the golden covering and seeing the wood underneath, we find fault.  When we do that, we are not realizing that, by focusing on the other’s “board,” we forget about the “Plank” in our own.  That is what Jesus was referring to in Matthew 7:3.

(Golden boards connected outside and inside.)

Christ In Us; Us In Christ.

All the boards are bound together by two gold-overlaid bars on their exterior and one right down the middle of them which cannot be seen from outside. This depicts Christ IN us, the Hope of Glory! He is inside; hidden from view.

All believers are held together by Jesus as it says in Ephesians 2:21.  “In whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord,”


Hid With Christ In God.

The entire tabernacle is covered by a tent made of animal skins. None of the “golden boards” i.e. us, are visible to the world but are “Hid with Christ in God.”  We will be discussing the coverings of the Tabernacle in Part 9 of this series.

Remember Who first made coats of skin to cover man?  It was God, Who made them for Adam and Eve in the Garden.  They only had His covering outside.  But this tabernacle is a picture of what God ultimately had in mind:  Jesus inside and, while we are in our mortal bodies, His covering outside.  When we occasionally sin in this life, they are immediately taken care of by Jesus’ covering.

The Ark Of The Covenant.
In the Holiest place of all, the Kadosh HaKadoshim or Holy of Holies, is the Ark of the Covenant. This is a picture of our altogether lovely One, our JESUS. He is our Heavenly Mercy Seat!  The golden boards are all surrounding and facing “Him” in the Holy of Holies, beholding and reflecting His glory!

Of course since Jesus died, there is no more Holy Place because the veil was torn from top to bottom!

(Mercy Seat.)


Transformed From Glory To Glory.

The Holy Spirit is painting a beautiful picture of 1 Corinthians 3 that, “We are transformed from glory to glory simply by beholding His glory!”

It is impossible to be transformed into His image without continually beholding Him.  In so doing, we are just as surely a reflection of Him as these shiny, golden boards who, simply by abiding in His presence, reflect back His image off their brilliant surfaces.


What an AWESOME God.  He not only tells us He loves us, that we are eternally secure and precious to Him, He shows us in these beautiful pictures drawn for us in the Golden boards of the Tabernacle.

Please follow the link below to Part 3:

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