The Deepest Root

Peter 2:24
“24 who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.”

Weeds are a big problem.  They’re hardy, relentless, some are ugly, and they grow just about everywhere.  If you want to kill them, you have to destroy the deepest root or they’ll just grow right back.

Life is like that, full of “weeds,” too.  Before the broken marriage, before the sickness, before you failed…..again, before poverty and lack is stress.  Beneath stress is fear.

The world, meaning those outside of Christ, can only speak to “stress and fear.”  That’s all they understand and can deal with. They are not, however, able to either reach or affect the real culprit behind them all.

The Deepest Root.

Fear is a deep root, yes.  But there is a deeper root.   What is deeper fear and the culprit behind everything?  CONDEMNATION.  This the deepest root.  Since we’re going back to the “root” of things, come with me back to where it all began:  In the garden.

Before there was poverty or sickness or death, Adam and Eve felt condemned.  They knew they had disobeyed God.  That’s why they hid from Him.  From that point on, by the sweat of their brow (stress), they tilled the ground and ate bread.  Now they were afraid of GOD; “I heard Your voice and I was afraid.”
Sweat is part of the curse recorded in Genesis 3.  God hates the curse and he HATES SWEAT.  To read more on that topic, follow the link below:
Before they sinned, they had never been afraid of God.  In fact, they took long, wonderful, intimate walks in the garden, in the cool of the evening.  Now they were so afraid and they hid themselves.
As soon as you begin feeling condemned, all the other things begin to operate in your life: poverty, sickness and broken everything else.  So let’s deal with it.  Let’s deal with the deepest root.
You Are Already Dead.
1 Peter 2:24 (KJV)
24 “Who His own self bare our sins in His own {physical} BODY on the tree, that we, BEING DEAD TO SINS, {and “DEAD” is DEAD} should LIVE unto righteousness:
by Whose stripes ye were healed.”
You are not “in the process” of dying: YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD, that you might LIVE unto righteousness.
Righteousness Is A Gift.
Believers with a law-Centric mentality will tell you, “Righteousness means you must to live right, do right, talk right, think right.”  No, righteousness in the New Testament, IS A GIFT.   According to Peter, you are DEAD to condemnation.  You need to be conscious of your GIFT of righteousness:  To live it, breathe it, and share it with your family and friends.  That’s the GOOD NEWS!!!
Have A No Condemnation Mentality.
The very last line of the opening verse says, “BY WHOSE STRIPES YE WERE HEALED.”  “Healed” here refers to “physical healing.”  What Peter is saying is that, “Only when you truly understand that YOU ARE DEAD with all finality TO GUILT AND CONDEMNATION OF SIN, can you understand there is NO MORE PENALTY.  Then you understand you will NEVER BE PUNISHED AGAIN FOR SIN, and you will live your life from now on, conscious that you are FOREVER RIGHTEOUS IN CHRIST.
It is THAT UNDERSTANDING which will have the following effect on you:  
It is THAT UNDERSTANDING which will cause you to experience healing.

Most people are trying to get the benefit of the last six words without implementing the other part of the verse.

They cannot receive it because, only when you are free from condemnation, i.e. sin-consciousness, THEN what Jesus did for you when He bore the stripes for you becomes REAL.  Understanding that one thing makes you able to walk in it; to walk in victory.


So don’t waste another minute feeling guilty and condemned, Church.  Believe Jesus and BE MADE WHOLE!  Be free from the Deepest Root.

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