Queens, Concubines, and Virgins Without Number!

Song of Solomon 6:1
“Where has your beloved gone,
O fairest among women?
Where has your beloved turned aside,

That we may seek him with you?”


This wonderful book, this “Song of Songs,” is a beautiful description of our wonderful Jesus, His love for us, and His loving relationship with His bride, The Church.  It is a picture of two so enamored, one with the other, that neither could ever have eyes for anyone else.  The love they share is deep and abiding.
Bridal Relationship.
Jesus talks to and about us in the kind of intimate terms that we use in describing marital relationships.  He talks of love and intimacy yet He is referring to how He loves and relates to His people.

Then in chapter 6, the Beloved has gone away just like Our Jesus has gone away, back to His Father in Heaven.  He is describing us, His Bride, who have been left here on earth during His absence, in verse 8.  He has grouped believers, His Church, into three categories:  “Queens, Concubines and Virgins without number.”  Why?  What does is mean? That’s what we are going to study!


Three Groups Of Believers.

Song of Songs 6:8
“There are sixty queens, And eighty concubines, And virgins without number.”
In the verse above, notice that there are fewer queens than there are concubines but “virgins without number.”  The Holy Spirit is drawing pictures for us again! He has something important He wants us to know. Let’s find out what it is.
60 Queens.
A Queen is one who has a bridal relationship with the King, Jesus.  She shares His Name, His love, His throne as well as intimacy with Him.  Believers in this category have a burning, deep, and abiding love for Jesus.  Why? How? They know how much they are loved by Him.  That’s the key. 🔑
Born out of such intimacy is a walk that is secure in the knowledge of His perfect provision.  She can lean hard on His love and be at rest.  She is not worried as she walks through life. There is a deep and abiding trust for her protection.  She is supply-minded as opposed to demand-minded.
The Queen freely shares everything with her king in full assurance of His love for her.  There is no fear of retribution or condemnation.  She has full confidence and power that is evident in her “Walk” to those around her.  Because she understands she is enthroned with Jesus, she doesn’t pray FOR victory:  NO!  It is finished!   She prays FROM VICTORY, the place of rest! 🙌🏻
There is a verse in Matthew 7 that states, “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”  It describes this group perfectly.
80 Concubines.
There are slightly more believers in this group than in the Queen category. Concubines, by definition, share intimacy, but do not share the throne.  They have, in effect, lost their scepter.  
What does that mean? Simply this:  Throne and scepter are depictions of “Power and authority.”  Christians in this category don’t…..yet…..fully know who they are in Christ. A kings scepter was always made of gold.  Gold in the Bible speaks of Divine righteousness.  To lose your scepter means you have a consciousness of your sins as opposed to your righteousness in Christ.
Those who have lost their scepter are more hesitant to approach God.  They tend to beg God for answers to prayer without full assurance that He will answer. They usually believe they must ask forgiveness for their sins each time they fall and be made right again and again so that they may come into His presence. This false conception breeds a fear and hesitance creating a perceived distance between themselves and God.  😓.
Notice it is a PERCEIVED distance. Jesus never leaves or forsakes us. We may sometimes feel far from Him but that is not the truth. Jesus doesn’t make house calls. He never needs to because He lives IN the house: YOU!
As a result of this false perception, though they come before the throne (in prayer), they don’t sit on it, never quite feeling worthy enough.
Sitting speaks of “Rest.”  They are not at ease or at rest in God’s presence.  If they approach Him with confidence, it is generally based on their estimate of their own performance. Sadly, they have little or no power as they walk through life.  They have a tendency to fall prey much more easily to sicknesses and troubles and struggle to try to live holy lives.
Why?  Because these beloved brethren don’t fully understand how much they are loved by God!  This understanding is key. 🔑
The “way” to this group and the next is progressively broader and contains more people, in comparison to the those in the first group, the Queens.
Virgins Without Number.
Who are these people?  “Virgins” are believers who are just happy to be saved and washed in the blood.  They do not know Jesus very well and they neither share intimacy with the King nor His throne, yet they are saved.
It is often difficult to tell this group apart from the world.  At least, when they die, they’ll go to heaven or, if they’re still here when the rapture hits, they’ll be going up with the rest of us. 🙌🏻
There so many Christians in this category as to be without number.   The so-called, “Worldly Christan,” is in this category. For more on the topic of what makes one a “Worldly Christian,” you may follow the link below:

Like Queen Esther.
The common denominator of the last two groups is this: They don’t know how much they are loved by Jesus!  Are you sensing a pattern here? 🤔
Jesus wants us all to be queens, like Esther; to be secure in our identity in Christ.  He want us to share the throne with Him, knowing how to use our power and authority in His Name.  Don’t you know we share our Husband’s Name, Church?!  We wear His signet ring!  We carry His scepter of power!
The Devil’s Greatest Fear.
Haman was, in the story of Esther, a type of the devil. Just as he was terrified of the Queen, in these last days before His return, the devil is beginning to be just as afraid of the Queen, US Church, as he is already afraid of THE KING:  JESUS!!!
So stand up, Church!  Come on into the Holy of Holies!  Know who you are in Christ and what power you wield in His Name!  Don’t be afraid of “the dark” any longer…..the “dark” is afraid of you for you have within you THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD:  JESUS!
So, who are you?  A queen, a concubine, or one of the virgins without number?

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