Pisces, The Fishes: Mazzaroth Series Part 21

Matthew 4:19

“Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.”

Mark 1:17-18

“Then Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.”


The next major constellation in our story in the stars is, “Pisces.”  Obviously, it has to do with fish.  There seems to be an awful lot about water and fish in this story, isn’t there?  I assure you, this is not the end of it.

The Fishes.

These two fish, thought they are swimming in different directions, are obviously connected. One is swimming along the path of the sun toward Aquarius, the water Pourer; the other upward toward the pole star. Interestingly, the second fish intersects with Andromeda, the woman in chains. We’ll find out why when we study that constellation.


Two Groups Of Covenant People.

You’re probably wondering why there are two opening scriptures that pretty much say the same thing, though you’ll notice they are not exact.  One is from the Gospel of Matthew, the other from Mark.  Here’s the deal: In case you didn’t know, Matthew was written specifically to the Jewish people.  Mark, on the other hand, was written to non-Jewish people: Gentiles.

You see, God has two groups of covenant people in this world:  The Jewish people and the Church.  The Church at one time was only Jewish people, but today, it is primarily non-Jews. This star sign deals with both of these groups of people.

For more on this topic, you may follow the link below.  In the article is another link to another piece which going into even more detail:


Numbers In Scripture.

Pisces is the 7th major sign in the heavens.  That’s a very nteresting number!  Seven is the number of “Completion,” in Bible numerics.  What is that?

Numbers, names, and places in Hebrew have meanings.  Bible numerics is not numerology which is based on superstition.  Not even close. You see, God loves to hide nuggets of truth about Jesus in His word for those who are hungry enough to search them out.

(If you’d like to learn more about Bible numbers and their meanings, follow the link below:


This constellation consists of two fish connected by a rope or ribbon tied around their tails.  They are going in two different directions, one toward the center of the heavens toward the pole star, and one going with the flow toward The Water Pourer, Aquarius.

The middle of the ribbon, or rope, is attached to the back of the head of a sea monster, “Cetus,” a picture of the devil.  Aries, the Ram, has his right foreleg draped over the side of the ribbon attached to the fish going with the flow.


Theories Of Times Past.

First of all, when we met the great Southern Fish of the last segment of our story, we discovered that fish are a symbol of believers.  A Big Fish represents the Church as a whole.

In Pisces, we have two smaller fish obviously tied together that are going in different directions.  Could they represent two different kinds of Christians?  Are they two different groups of people special to God?  Do they represent real Christians on one side and those who are Christian in name only?  Or maybe, could they depict legalistic Christians versus Gospel believing Christians?

One very telling detail is that the fish swimming up toward the pole star overlaps the decan, “Andromeda,” the woman in chains.  When we study that constellation, this sing will clear up more of this mystery.


Ancient Names For The Sign.

The Hebrew name for this sign is, “Daigim,” which means, “Fish (plural).”  This star sign is not just about two fish but many, many fish, though two separate groups of fish.  The Arab people called it, “Al Haut:  The Fish.”  It reminds us of the brightest star in the Southern Fish.

The ancient Syrians had a name for this sign.  They called it, “Nano,” meaning, “The fish lengthened out,” as in posterity.  This is a picture of generations of “Fish!”

The Egyptians called in, “Pi-Cot-Orion,” meaning, “The Fish, Congregation, or Company of Him Who Comes.”  Pretty descriptive of the Church!  The Greeks called it, “Icythus,” meaning “Fish.”  It is also an acrostic of Jesus’ name in Greek.”

But it is the Roman name that is most familiar: “Pisces,” which of course means, “Fish.”  This Latin word also carries with it the connotation of “Multilplying.”  Reminds us of what Jesus said:  “Go into all the world and make disciples.”  The Church has certainly done that!


Ancient Names Of The Stars.

There are only two star names that have come down to us, though we don’t know their exact position:  “Okda,” a Hebrew name meaning “The United,” and “Al Samaca,” and Arabic name meaning “The Upheld.”  Both are descriptive of the congregation of the redeemed.  We are united by His blood and upheld by His strong right hand.

Now let’s see how the Egyptians viewed this sign.  Their take is always both unique and illuminating!


The Denderah.

The Egyptians called this constellation, “Piscis Hori: The Fish of Him Who Comes.”  They saw this sign as a walking human figure with a tail and an animal’s head.  The figure is holding in his hand the midpoint of the bands, half of which goes in a straight line to each fish.  They are either upheld and restrained by it.

The animal head of the figure indicates its sacrificial role in the lives of the fish while the tail points out that he is coming quickly.  Both his name and the fact that he is holding on to the bands connected to the fish indicates his right of ownership.

More will be learned about these strange fish in the minor constellations, or decans, of Pisces.  Follow the link below to Part 22:


(Link is mis-numbered, please disregard.)

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