God’s Perfect Governing Plan: Praise! הללויה

Psalm 150
Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty firmament!
Praise Him for His mighty acts;
2 Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!
Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet;
3 Praise Him with the lute and harp!
Praise Him with the timbrel and dance;
4 Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Praise Him with loud cymbals;
5 Praise Him with clashing cymbals!
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
6 Praise the LORD!
In this wonderful Psalm, the word PRAISE is repeated 12 times:  TWELVE!!!  💖🙌🏻 Why?  As you know, the Holy Spirit never does anything arbitrary or unimportant.  Let’s find out what’s on His mind!
Bible Numbers.
Numbers in the Bible play a significant role in gaining a deeper understanding of the word of God.  They demonstrate that absolutely nothing in scripture is arbitrary or fluff, just to make the book thicker.  Not one!
Please do not be confused.  Bible numbers are NOT numerology which is totally based on superstition.  Bible numbers play an important role in scripture. Anyone interested in more information on the topic of numbers and their meaning may follow the link below to a short series on that:
The Number Twelve.
12 is the number of government or administration in the Bible.  Because of it’s position as the very last Psalm, the Holy Spirit is showing us the “final word” on how best to govern ourselves in everything is to PRAISE THE LORD!!!
Secrets In The Hebrew Language.
The word in Hebrew for “praise” in this Psalm is “Halleluia.”  Below is its Hebrew spelling:
Hebrew reads from right to left and is a form of picture writing like Chinese.  The pictures God uses to form words help us understand things from His perspective, something you would never get merely from the definition.
[ה] = Hei is a picture of an open window.  Out of the windows of heaven, God pours out His Grace or blessings.  That’s why “Hei” means “Grace.”’
[ל] = Lamed.  It is a picture of an ox goad.  It means “learn,” because you use it to “teach” the ox where to go.
[ו] = Vav is a picture of a “nail.”
[י] = Yod is a picture of an “open hand” and means “power.”  It is also the number 10 and can refer both the Ten Commandments or the tithe.
The pictures of this word tell a story.  Grace–hei [ה]–is a person, our Lord Jesus.
When Grace” finds us and we “learn” of Jesus’ death and resurrection and what His sacrifice did for us, we cannot help but lift our hands in praise!!!
The two letters, “lamed [ל],” in the middle of the word look very much like hands raised in praise, don’t they?  [הללויה].
As you read above, “Vav [ו] is a picture of a “nail,” which reminds you of the One Who was nailed to the cross.  The last two letters, “yod-hei [יה],” spell the short form of God’s name:  “Ya.”
The two “lamed” are in the middle of the word.  The other letters surrounding these two spell word this word:  Yahweh: [יהוה]

Yod-hei-vav-hei is a picture of The Hand of Grace, Nailed in Grace.  For the whole story on that topic, you may follow the link below:
Quite literally, when you you lift your hands in praise, YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY GOD!  Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase, “He inhabits the praises of His people.”  He’s right in the middle of it!

So, “now that Grace has found you and you’ve learned of all that Jesus did for you, raise your hands in praise to God and shout,“HALLELUJAH!!!”

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