Come Into The Ark: Flood Series Part 2

Genesis 7:1  “Then the LORD said to Noah, “Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.’”

Genesis 8:16  “Go out of the ark, you and your wife, and your sons and your sons’ wives with you.”

In Part 1 we saw what was happening in the days before the flood, why it had to happen in the first place, and that Noah wasn’t some crazy guy who heard voices. We also learned that Noah and his family were the only fully human stock left on the earth due to the heinous plot carried out by the devil and his crew of fallen angels.
In part 2, we’re going to examine the two very interesting verses, one spoken before the flood and one after. The seemingly “Minor” phrases in bold red letters, which you read in the opening scriptures, have staggering implications. 😮
Stories About Jesus.
The Holy Spirit tells us all these wonderful stories in the Bible, first and foremost, to teach us about Jesus. He is the One Who would be God’s Champion; The Dragon Slayer, the One Who would come and crush the serpent’s head.  But you see, our Father loves us SO MUCH, He isn’t content to merely tell us these things; He loves to demonstrate wonderful truths to us over and over and over through every story, every type, and shadow recorded in scripture.
English Lesson.
You probably noticed that the two opening verses are from two completely different chapters. Notice also how the two particular verses are phrased:
In the first passage God said, “Come INTO the ark,” and in the second He said, “Go OUT OF the Ark.”  THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE.  
Let’s have a little English grammar refresher.  The phrase, “Come INTO,” indicates the location of the one speaking, as does the second phrase:  “Go OUT.”  When someone is not near you, geographically speaking, your request to them is that they COME NEAR to where you are.  But the phrase, “GO OUT,” indicates your audience is near by.  You are asking that the one to whom you are speaking to move away from you.
Why did God phrase His remarks that way?  Because He was already IN the Ark!  He invited them to come into it where He was waiting for them.  In fact, He stayed with them in the ark all throughout the flood and was the LAST ONE OFF THE BOAT.  Just like any good captain, He was the FIRST ONE IN and the LAST ONE OUT.  
The First And The Last.
That’s our Jesus!  He goes before and behind us.  He is the FIRST AND THE LAST in all our troubles, in all our situations, The First word and the last word in the matter of our health, and He stays with us THROUGHOUT the storm.  He never leaves or forsakes us! No matter how high the flood waters get, no matter how long they remain, He stays with us and is always looking out for us to keep us and our families safe and provisioned.
Blessed Assurance.
Knowing He is ALWAYS THERE keeps us restful and in PERFECT PEACE.  No wonder they were not afraid to go into the ark and were unafraid during the storm.  Jesus was right there with them… their midst! What blessed assurance! WHAT A SAVIOR!  Being with Him is THE SAFEST PLACE.

Not a believer?  That’s ok:  Just accept Jesus’ invitation and come:  Come on INTO the Ark!

You may follow the link below to Part 3 where we’ll be discussing how the curse was reversed:

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