Welcome to Emmaus Road Ministries! Susan is an ordained minister who lives with her dear husband in Connecticut. They have three grown children and four beautiful granddaughters. She is a gifted bible teacher whose mission is to teach others to see Jesus in such a way that they fall more in love with Him. 26952123_10215885458436148_9146235828864514612_o

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  1. I am blessed by the depth of your teaching and the Grace in your teaching. I would like to know more about your ministry. Are you connected to Emmaus Road Ministry in Exeter Devon?

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  2. Dear Susan, My name is Willie Soans. I am an Indian Pastor and gave my life to Christ in 1973, after which I have served Him all these years.
    As an Indian I was fascinated, and still awed by the heavens and have studied the Stars with Christ as the Centre, as in Psalm 19:1.
    At the moment I am writing an article on the comet Neowise and its recent journey through the constellations.
    Your star meanings and research have blessed me indeed.
    Can you please give me permission to quote you in my study. As a Christian I promise to be true to whatsoever i do.
    Willie Soans
    Mumbai, India

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    1. Dear Willie, please do quote whatever you like. You probably already know that, though the story in the stars is really all about Jesus, everything we teach must be backed up by the written word. Blessings on you and your ministry!


      1. Dear Susan
        Thank you so much, for the permission you gave me.
        But more…to say how richly blessed I am as i continue to read and study your writings.
        How precious is God’s Word to us, especially in these days!
        Mumbai, India

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  3. Your teaching on the Water of the Red Heifer was a complete revelation to me. I love the way you shed Light on the sometimes quite incomprehensible shadows in the Old Testament. How true that Jesus is the key to all of them! Thank you!

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  4. Dear Susan mam
    Greetings, This is Mani, who came to the saving knowledge of His amazing Grace from a completely different background.” Thanks” is so undermined word to articulate my gratitude for you. I can’t define in words how much I have been blessed by your blog. With due respect, I refer your blogs and take notes for many of my sermons and it has blessed me immensely. I am sure the fruits of your hard work have yielded so much, as Jesus is revealed in every thing you have done and mainly OT. I am glad that I stumbled on this blog and thank God for it. All glory, praises and honor to Him and seal everything in precious blood of Jesus. Blessings as always.

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    1. 😮Wow! I am blessed so much what you wrote. My desire was to write about what I learned and bless others as I have been blessed. Jesus has taken this blog around the world and the church is being blessed with grace. All glory and honor to Jesus!


  5. Hello,
    I found your blog this morning and it is extremely helpful. I have recently began writing and simultaneously teaching a children’s Christ-centered curriculum at church, and my goal is to find Christ in every story of the Bible. I appreciated the explanation of the smoking lamp and burning furnace, and have marked your blog for future study as I continue writing and working through the Bible.
    May I ask where you obtained your image of the smoking furnace and pieces? I am trying to obtain licenses or copyright free images for my curriculum, as I plan to eventually copyright and digitally publish to make it available for free distribution in the future. This picture is the only one I’ve found that depicts this scenario. It would be helpful to show children a picture of what was happening here.

    Thank you,


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    1. Wow! That’s really awesome! I don’t remember where I got that one. There are sights out there where you can purchase the photo for use in publication. Please feel free to use anything on my blog in your ministry.


    1. Part of the story of the Tabernacle of David is wrapped up in a rather long treatise on Obed Edom. It’s kinda the back story of how he came into possession of it, which is important to understand. You’ll notice that there is no veil over the Ark as this typifies grace where there is no separation between believers and our Dad any more. Here is the link:



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