The Gospels Part 1 of 9: The Key Hangs By The Door

2 Peter 1:2
“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”

God’s word is full of eternal truths that He has bequeathed to us for our benefit and blessing. It’s plain from the verse above that the more our knowledge of Jesus increases, the more grace and peace are MULTIPLIED in our lives. He wanted us to know this in order that we not only have life, but have it more abundantly. Before we begin this series, let’s look at an important “Key.” 🔑


The Key.
When you want to study the Gospels or, for that matter, any book of the Bible, the “Key,” to each and every book hangs, as it were, “By the door.” What do I mean by that? Somewhere in the first few verses or, at least within the first chapter (usually), there is a “Key” that reveals the theme of the entire book. This “key” will help open its “Door” so you can increase in your knowledge and understanding of whatever you are reading or studying. Of course, it all points to Jesus! Let’s take a look at a couple of examples before we move on to Part 2.

The first few words of the book of Genesis are, “In the beginning.” This book is all about “Beginnings:”  The beginnings of humanity, beginnings of civilization, marriage, the beginning of nations, the Jewish people, etc., etc.  Genesis also has THE KEY to unlocking the entire Bible.  The most important key can be found only in the original Hebrew.  You may follow the link below if you’d like to read all about that topic:
This can be one very puzzling book. What’s it all about? “Vanity of vanities,” King Solomon writes. “Everything is vanity.” It’s about the vanity of life “under the s-u-n” (ch. 1, vs. 3) but without THE S-O-N: Jesus!
In this book King Solomon, a man who had virtually unlimited wealth, could have, do, be, and experience pretty much anything and everything a man could ever want to do or experience in life. Yet, he found everything he tried to be nothing but smoke or vapor, things that you can never grasp or hold in in your hands.

Song Of Songs.
In stark contrast, the very next book, also written by Solomon, is “The Song of Songs.” It is all about life above the s-u-n WITH The S-O-N: “The King has brought me into His chambers,” he writes. (vs.5).

Compare And Contrast.
These two books are placed by the Holy Spirit side by side to compare and contrast one with the other. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon at last concludes, “Emptiness of emptiness; life is empty,” under the sun and all his work was like vapor that vanishes away with the slightest breath of wind. The Song of Songs, in stark contrast, in life lived above the sun in the heavenlies WITH THE SON, life and work are no more in vain. They become most enjoyable!   


This book is yet another great example. It is perhaps the most confusing of all, full of strange symbols and even stranger creatures. But right in the very first verse we read these words: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants…” It’s not a revelation of all the weird creatures or symbols found in its pages but of our Lord Jesus Christ!

With all that in mind, if you focus on the theme of whatever book you are studying, you will understand and see things you never saw before. The whole Bible will open up to you.  So, armed with all that information, let’s go check out the some interesting things about each of the four Gospels.

You may follow the link below to Part 2 to continue this series. We will be discussing why we have four gospels.

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