What’s In Your Water: Part 1 Of 9.

Numbers 19:1-2“Now the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “This is the ordinance of the law which the LORD has commanded, saying: ‘Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring you a red heifer without blemish, in which there is no defect and on which a yoke has never come.”

Part 1
Red Heifer? What does that have to do with water?? 🤔 What indeed! 😁

The opening verse is the beginning of a very cryptic passage from Numbers 19 about the ordinance concerning the Ashes of the Red Heifer.  In the 9 parts of this series, we’re going to take this unusual and cryptic law and study it piece by piece.


The first clue to understanding this law is knowing that water is a typology of the Word of God.  The Holy Spirit has imparted some vital information about this “water” and what it should contain for our greatest benefit.  However, there is so much to unpack in this strange ordinance, I decided to divide it into nine parts.

King Solomon.

King Solomon’s Regret.

This particular law is very exciting because, incredibly, King Solomon, in all his wisdom couldn’t decode it, yet he was able to figure out the “Why’s” of many of God’s other laws.  He even went so far as to make a statement in Proverbs 18 saying, “There are things too wonderful for me to comprehend.”  Betcha he was referring to this ordinance. 🤔

So, let’s go step by step so that we can understand what confused him.  The only difference is that you and I will be able to comprehend what he could not.

Down through their history, and even today, Jewish rabbis have discussed this law in their religious writings.  They actually mention the fact that Solomon regretted he was unable to uncover the wisdom behind it.  Remember, though, they were all under the law and subject to the blood of bulls and goats.  

You and I, however, are not.  We are in Christ Who is GREATER than Solomon!  Know what that means?  If you understand this law, you’re smarter than Solomon! 

Don’t be too hard on him, though. It isn’t Solomon’s fault that he couldn’t figure this one out.  You see, he didn’t have The Key:  JESUS!

Many Laws.

Including the big Ten, in all there are a total 613 Laws, 😳 and every single one of them unveils a different facet of Jesus’ beauty.  We no longer study the Law as laws, though.  If we did, we would run the risk of falling prey to well-meaning folks out there who, believe it or not, think the law is still in effect.  We must make VERY sure that we go into the Old Testament to see Jesus, not find laws, laws, and more laws to obey.  We do NOT need to be put back under the yoke of bondage, which only leads to the fear of death.  The spirit of the law is Christ Himself.  That’s where we focus!

Believers do not need the Law to try to obey because we have The Law Giver, Jesus, on the inside of us leading us into all truth. We obey not because we have to in order to be blessed or sanctified, but because of our love for Jesus and our desire to please Him.

Water In The Old Testament.

Water is the single most important item on planet earth.  Without it, life would cease to exist.  It is refreshing, thirst quenching, good for cleansing and so many other things.  Even our bodies are about 65% water.

In the Old Testament, diseases were often, though not always, called “uncleanness.”  What was the prescription for cleansing the unclean something or someone?  Washing with water!

Water In The New Testament.

Jesus was also very concerned about water.  Immediately after they had communion in the upper room, He washed the disciples’ feet with water, which we will discuss later on.

This Old Testament ordinance is actually mentioned by name in the Book of Hebrews.  Since the Old is the New concealed and the New is the Old revealed, that means that this law about water is applicable today.  

Now, please understand it is not applicable in a literal sense because we are no longer under the Law of Moses;  we are under the New Covenant.  But there is great benefit in studying this as well as all the laws of the Pentateuch, as long as we bring out the spiritual truths.

The Letter Kills; The Spirit Brings Life.

The Bible says, “The LETTER–the law–KILLS, but the SPIRIT…..Jesus…..gives life;” and “where the Spirit of the LORD is THERE IS LIBERTY!” Jesus came to set us free from the FEAR of death “who were all our lifetime subject to bondage,” according to Hebrews 2:4-5.

Any religious system that points to you and your performance to be acceptable to God makes you feel condemned.  When you feel condemned, there is a fear of judgment, even though believers are not actually subject to God’s judgment.  It is only your PERCEPTION.  Once there is fear, there’ll be stress. Once there is stress, your body will begin to react.  Your immune system will weaken, you’ll get sick and, ultimately, die.  For believers at least, it’s a good end.  But it makes the devil VERY happy to get rid of us faster so that we can no longer be of any earthly good.  

Even if he kills you Church, you still win!  You get to live forever!  But our Father definitely doesn’t want us to die young. He wants to satisfy us with LONG LIFE in order to know more about Jesus and tell others about Him.

This law is primarily concerned with how to accomplish that long life.

Jesus Defeated Death.

Jesus destroyed by His own death him {satan} who had (PAST TENSE) the power of death; that is, the devil.” Just as David who, with Goliath’s own sword cut off the head of the giant, Jesus, the greater Son of David through death, destroyed him who had–PAST TENSE, I reiterate–the power of death; that is, the devil.

Jesus shows us through this law how we can keep ourselves from falling prey to the cares of this life and the law-centric among us so that He can satisfy us with that long, healthy life promised in Psalm 91!

So let’s go step by step through this amazing ordinance, verse by verse, and see if you can understand what Solomon could not. I hope that studying it will bless you as much it has blessed me.

You may proceed to Part 2 by following the link below.


2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Water: Part 1 Of 9.

    1. I’m not sure if you know bit of his is part one of a nine part series discussing the law in depth. There is a link at the end of each one that leads the the next article so one can go through all nine. 🙂


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