Mind Games: Spiritual Warfare Part 2.

2 Corinthians 10:4-6

”For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ…..”

Spiritual warfare is certainly a hot topic, especially these days.  There is no denying we are at war and that there is a battle raging all around us.  We, as believers, are warriors in a sense.  But the battlefield isn’t “Up there,” in the heavenlies. We don’t have to go climbing up somewhere to pull down the strongholds spoken of in the opening verse.  No.

THE BATTLEFIELD IS IN YOUR MIND.  Win in this arena and you win the battle in the heavenly, unseen realm.

Our Fight.

Spiritual warfare, contrary to popular opinion, is not “Fighting with the devil,” per sé.  In fact “WE” don’t fight him:  JESUS DOES. Our part in the fight, Church, is the fight to remain in faith; to remain at rest in Him, trusting Him to defend and protect us.

(For more on that topic, you may follow the link below:


Our Weapons.

This short passage plainly states that the weapons of our warfare are “Not carnal,”meaning not tangible or material.  They are “Mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.”  They are mighty for casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.


Where are these strongholds?  They’re in your mind.  What are these arguments?  Sometimes they are in your own mind in the form of doubts and fears.  Sometimes they come from outside sources like the media or other people.

And the other part?  What is “EVERY HIGH THING THAT EXALTS ITSELF AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD?”  Things like human wisdom, human reasoning, or other so-called “Teachings” that masquerade as the truth but came from the mind of man.

Not A Mind Reader .

As if all of that weren’t bad enough, we have the devil and his tactics to contend with.  Fortunately for us he CANNOT read your mind…..BUT he can plant thoughts there that are not yours.It’s also good to bear in mind that, if the devil, i.e. a fallen angel, cannot read your mind, neither can good angels.

What Are You Saying?

Here’s the deal:  As soon as you think “YOU” thought of whatever “IT” is and confess that thing or that situation with your mouth as it exists right now, HE’S GOT YOU.  Do yourself a favor:  DON’T OWN IT.  In other words, DON’T SPEAK OUT WHAT “IT” IS.  The devil can only tell he’s got you BY WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.😲

Likewise, the angels of God only respond to God’s word as YOU confess it WITH YOUR MOUTH.  For more on that topic, you may follow the link below:


The Obedience Of Christ.

God clearly intends for us to use the above weapons to combat those THOUGHTS. Notice He directs us to bring all our THOUGHTS “To the obedience of Christ.”  IT DOESN’T SAY “BE OBEDIENT LIKE CHRIST.” 

What’s the difference?

The traditional teaching out there would have you believe that you must work really hard to “Think like Jesus,” to be as obedient as He was. AS IF! 😲

Church, there’s no way you or I can be as obedient as Christ.  NOT HAPPENING! 🤨  That false teaching has you focused on you; on your behavior, on your performance, instead of ON JESUS.  That is the essence of self-righteousness.  But that’s man for you, always making everything about man.


Secret Worries And Sins.

As you read in part 1, if you’re worried or afraid, 2 Tim. 2:17 says that “God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind: CONFESS GOD’S WORD!

Do you need healing?  Confess the last line of Isaiah 53:5; “…by His stripes I am healed,” or any number of other verses that speak of the blood-bought right of the blood-bought congregation.  Healing is FAR MORE than a promise.  It’s a blood-bought right of the blood-bought congregation, Church.  Jesus paid DEARLY for our complete Shalom.  It was far and above an OVERPAYMENT!

For more on that topic, you may follow the link below:

Need provision of any kind?  Confess Psalm 23:1 which says; “The Lord is my Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT.“ He is a good God and a Good provider Who takes good care of His people!–Find a verse that works for you and chew on it all day.  

Write it down; post it everywhere.  Win the battle for your mind!

Whose Obedience?

As for “bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ…”  Whose obedience is it? Yours?….or Christ’s?  🤔

Hmm….let’s think about that.  Are we the obedient ones?  NOPE, A CHANCE!  It is Christ Who kept all the law perfectly FOR US.  It is Christ’s obedience that counts.  He is truly The obedient One!  He was obedient unto death, even the death on the cross!

It is Christ’s obedience on which we need to focus, not our own…OR THE LACK THEREOF.

Troublesome Thoughts.

When thoughts assail you that are not pure, bring to mind that Jesus’ thoughts are representative of your thoughts and they are always pure.  Our thoughts are always counted as pure because He is our High Priest.  As the High Priest goes, so goes the nation.

For more on that topic, you may follow the link below:


That is taking every thought captive!

So, repent:  Metanóia!…..CHANGE YOUR MIND!  If you thought God was looking at you or your obedience to measure how you are, think again:  HE ISN’T. He is looking at your Perfect Lamb: JESUS!

Point To Jesus.

Of course our old adversary, the devil, loves to plant thoughts in your mind and make you think you thought of them.  Then he knocks you on the head for thinking it!


You just point to Jesus and His obedience. Remind that old liar that you are completely cleansed, righteous by His blood, and seated right next to Jesus at His right hand. Then move on.  You don’t need to claim it.  It’s not yours for YOU ARE IN CHRIST.  All he has is lies, tricks and misdirection but no real power over the believer who knows what his or her rights are in Christ.

…..And that, Church, is how you beat the devil at his Mind Games.

You may follow the link below to continue this series:

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