God’s Formula For Successful Relationships In The Hebrew Letters.

Genesis 3:17-20
“Then to Adam He (God) said, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat of it’: “Cursed is the ground for your sake; In toil you shall eat of it All the days of your life. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you, And you shall eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread Till you return to the ground, For out of it you were taken; For dust you are, And to dust you shall return.” And Adam called his wife’s name Eve (Havah), because she was the mother of all living.”
This has to be one of the saddest portions of scripture in the entire Bible where God had to inform our first parents of all the curses that resulted from the fall that had just happened.  We incurred a debt of sin that was so great, no one could ever hope to repay it. No one, that is, but Jesus.
Amazingly, there is a great big clue in this passage for having successful relationships, secrets that are found in the Hebrew Language. 😮
The HelpMeet.
In the previous chapter, God brought all the animals to Adam and he named every one them.  But there was not found a suitable partner for him.  So God made him one.  Let’s follow the story.
Genesis 2:18-23
“And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.
“And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”
Secrets In The Hebrew Language.

One of the secrets to having a good relationship is hidden in the Hebrew words for man and woman.  It is also PROOF POSITIVE that Jesus holds ALL THINGS together, just as the scriptures say He does.

Hebrew reads from right to left and is a form of picture writing, like Chinese.  The word used for man in this passage is, “Ish,” which also also means,” husband.” It is spelled like this in Hebrew:


Below are the word “pictures” that spell man.  The letters from right to left are:
[א] aleph=ox (sacrifice/Jesus)
[י]  yod= hand (power)
[ש] shin=Shaddai/Almighty God
The word for woman used in this passage is “Ishah.”  It also means,”Wife” and is spelled like this in Hebrew:
The pictures that spell woman are:
[א] aleph=ox (sacrifice/Jesus)
[ש] shin=shaddai/Almighty God
[ה] hei=open window/grace.
Both words share these two letters:  aleph- [א] and shin- [ש].  Ish (Man) has the letter “yod- [י] that teeny, tiny little line which means “Hand.”  Ishah (Woman) has the letter “Hei- [ה], which means “Grace.”

Yod is added to spell man because they are usually more physical or hands-on. Hands imply work. They also tend to be more physical and are often the bread winners, particularly when the women can’t work due to pregnancy and child care.  They are built to protect and defend their families.  It’s in their nature.

Ah, but the woman brings the “Hei.”   She brings a softness or grace, what is often called, “The feminine touch,” to her home (we hope! 😂).  Her soft answer can turn a potentially heated situation into a peaceful one.
Consequences Of Leaving God Out.
Now let’s take the “yod [י]” away from man and the “h [ה]ei” from woman.  We are left with the word, “Ya:[יה]” the short form of Yahweh.  Remember (יהוה) “yod hei vav hei?”. If you are unfamiliar with the secrets hidden in the Name of Yahweh, you may follow the link below to read all about it:
[יה] Yod-hei spells “Ya.”  You see this short form used in words like “Hallelu-jah, Jerem-iah, Obad-iah….” you get the idea. 😉 

the marriage triangle

The Holy Spirit is drawing us pictures again!  He is showing us that He wants to be included in every relationship. Take Ya–God out of the equation, and you end up with real trouble. 😲

NO MARRIAGE is complete without “Ya,” and it takes both man and woman working in harmony to accomplish that.  She cannot do it by herself; he cannot do it by himself.  

Now, let’s take the letter yod away from man and hei away from woman.  Both “ish” and “isha” become this word:

“Esh-[אש] = FIRE!” 😳 

What happens when God is left out?  Yep…Sparks fly!  Fireworks!  No wonder so many marriages and relationships are BURNING UP!  No wonder so many friendships and relationships end in fights and break ups.  No wonder there is so much anger and dissent in the world today.  The God of the Bible has been left out and people are burning with hatred for one another.

The Bible instructs husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the Church.  There’s a tall order!  He laid down His life for her!  Wives are admonished to submit to their husbands as unto Christ. When a husband loves his wife as Christ loved the Church, that is not a problem.

Women, however, particularly in these last days, are encouraged to be independent.  Far too often, we can find ourselves pushing away THE ONE MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD who loves us like no other.  Remember, the husband is the head of the wife.  That is biblical.  He hears from God just like you do.  We need to listen, really listen, when he says something and is trying to help.
Don’t be like women of the world and wall him out.  He will eventually get tired of trying to help and stop all together.  Worst case scenario:  He will want to walk away.

Ladies, guard your hearts.  Don’t let pride or arrogance rob you of a warm and wonderful marriage.

Otherwise…….When the “evil day” comes, in other words “trouble,”as it inevitably will, where God has been taken out of the equation, there will be strife, there will be discord resulting in broken lives, broken friendships, broken marriages; pretty much broken everything!  We cannot successfully do life without God in the equation.

Conversely, when Jesus is in the center, you will be able not only to withstand in the “evil day” but, when “FIRE” comes, you will remain intact. You will be even stronger than before!

Only Jesus can calm the storm.  Only Jesus can make your marriage work. THANK YOU, JESUS!

Jesus calms storm

Adam Named His Wife.
Here is one more key that demonstrates how to have a successful relationship that I think will really bless you.  It’s found in the opening passage.
Notice it says that “ADAM NAMED HIS WIFE, “EVE.”  Bet you though God did it, right?  Nope.  Check out this verse: 👇🏻
“Male and female created He (God) them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”
Genesis 5:2 KJV
See?  God called them both “Adam.”  So why did Adam change her name?
When man disobeyed God and He pronounced over them all those curses, Adam realized that, one day, death would overtake them both.  But Adam loved his wife.  He didn’t want her to die, so he gave her the name, “Eve.”
In Greek it is the name, “Zoe: Life,” but in Hebrew it is, “Havah,” which also means “LIFE!”  He knew that words have power because God “SPOKE” and created everything.  Adam, following God’s example, literally SPOKE “LIFE” to her every single day!  Every time he called her name he was telling her she was “LIFE!”
That’s what Jesus, the second last Adam does for us as believers.  You and I can do for each other to foster successful relationships:  Speak words of life, health, encouragement, and grace.
Adam and Eve had so much of the life of God in them, in fact, that Adam lived to be 930 years old.  We don’t know how old Eve was when she died but I have no doubt she lived a longer, healthier, and more fruitful life because Adam spoke LIFE to her every time he said her name.
Words Of Life.
Where do we find the words of LIFE today?  IN THE WORDS OF JESUS!  The Bible calls Him, “The WORD made flesh.”  It also says,  “For by him (Jesus) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”
Colossians 1:16-17 KJV
The word translated “Consist” is the word, “Sunistémi.” in Greek.  It also means “Cohere.” It is in the Perfect, Indicative tense, Active voice, meaning the action was accomplished in the past and is ongoing: Continuous in nature! 🙌🏻💖
You see?  It’s true!  Jesus really does hold all things together!  Without Him, THEY FALL APART.  He does it by the WORD of His power!  So, make God the center of your marriage and relationships.  And when His words of grace come from your lips, those things will be your secret to having successful relationships!

2 thoughts on “God’s Formula For Successful Relationships In The Hebrew Letters.

    1h ago

    Mk 10,46-52
    08. NKG (I) – Svagdan


    Mk 10,46-52

    Dragi vjernici. Knjiga Sirahova otkriva nam da je njezin autor živio u vremenu kad su se mnogi njegovi sunarodnjaci oduševljavali vjerom i kulturom drugih naroda. Stoga im želi dokazati da svi drugi narodi glede vjere daleko zaostaju za izraelskim narodom. Dok svi drugi vjeruju u razne i različite bogove, svakom je Izraelcu jasno da je svijet i svemir stvorio jedan Bog i da taj sveznajući i svemogući Bog upravlja svime što je stvorio. On objavljuje prošlost i budućnost, divna su djela njegova, jedno drugo izvrsnošću nadmašuje. Tome Bogu niti se što može dodati niti oduzeti, čovjek se ne može nasititi njegove krasote. Kad se čovjek ‘upusti’ u promišljanje Božjih djela, gledajući prirodu i sklad u njoj, te druge prekrasne pojave oko sebe, čovjek ostaje zadivljen Božjom idejom i ostvarenjem svega oko sebe. I kad o tome razmišljamo javlja se u nama potreba biti zahvalan Stvoritelju što me je postavio u ovaj Svemir i udijelio mi privilegiju živjeti s Njime u prijateljstvu.

    Slijepac, prosjak. Bartimej. Odsječen od životne struje, koja se odvija i protječe negdje drugdje. Njegova je nada u prašini, kao i on. No njegova čežnja je velika, čežnja da vidi putove, smjerove, smisao. Kad je čuo da Isus dolazi, njegova se čežnja dodatno raspirila. Zato viče, viče za vlastiti život. Osjeća da je Isus onaj koji ga može podići iz prašine. No ljudi oko njega zbili su svoje redove, podsjećaju ga na njegova ograničenja, njegovi krici su im naporni i smetaju. Isus ima pametnijega posla, njega zanima cjelina, a ne tvoja malena sljepoća. No Bartimej i dalje viče, kako Isus ne bi prošao pokraj njega kao što prolaze mnogi drugi. A Isus? On čuje i zaustavlja se, dopušta mu da ga prekine, ne dopušta terminima da mu uguše sluh za potrebitoga, šalje ljude da mu pozovu Bartimeja, a ovaj baca svoj ogrtač. Ogrtač je je slika njegovog starog života koji ga veže uz sljepoću, invalidnost, beskorisnost. Pred Isusom je bez ogrtača, onakav kakav jest i s puno nade i očekivanja od sugovornika. A ovaj mu postavlja pitanje koje je svima nama upućeno: “Što hoćeš da ti učinim?” Koja je tvoja najveća čežnja? “Učitelju moj, da progledam!” Ta molba otkriva svu njegovu vjeru. “Idi, vjera te tvoja spasila.” Budući da si spreman biti ono što jesi, bez ogrtača, bez maske, samo s vjerom – to te je spasilo. Bartimej ponovo pred sobom vidi put. To je put kojim ide Isus. Put stjenovit i zavojit, s uzvisinama i ponorima, ali nije začarani krug. Ne, taj put vodi prema nebu. Bartimej ne samo da je progledao, već je i promijenio svoj način života. Dosad je sjedio i prosjačio, a sada je nastavio hodati. Nije hodao sam, hodao je s Isusom.

    08. NKG – SRIJEDA – BIBLIJSKA MISAO DANAVIII. TJEDAN KROZ GODINU – SRIJEDA BIBLIJSKA MISAO DANA Kalež patnje ili opasno sanjarenje o prvim mjestima Mk 10,32-45 Treći i najopširniji navještaj muke u…
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    samo lucija2m agoMolitva Duhu Svetom za svaki dan
    Svoju ljubav Bog je obećao onima koji za nju mole: „Otac vaš s nebesa obdarit će Duhom Svetim one koji ga zaištu“! (Lk 11,13). Izmoli svaki dan ovu snažnu molitvu Duhu Svetom koju je napisao sveti Augustin i ne boj se!O, božanska Ljubavi, sveta zajednico Svemoćnog Oca i Preblaženog Sina, svemoćna pomoći, Duše Sveti, predobri Tješitelju žalosnih! Izlij se svojom jakom silom u dno srca moga, prebivaj u njemu i razveseli sve tamne kutove te zapuštene kuće trakom svoga sjajnog svjetla, pohodi me i oplodi obilnom rosom svojih milosti tvrdu zemlju duše moje, koja odavno potpuno suha gine i vene.Rani strelicom svoje ljubavi moju nutrinu, užeži i pronikni spasonosnim plamenom duh moj, rasvijetli me ognjem svete revnosti i sažeži sve što je nečisto, a što se tako čvrsto drži duše mi i tijela! Napoji me rijekom svojih slasti, da više ne pođem za otrovnom slašću ovoga svijeta. Sudi mi, Gospodine, i odvoji me od naroda nesvetoga, uči me vršiti tvoju Volju, jer Ti si Bog moj!Vjerujem da Ti svakoga, u kome stanuješ, činiš hramom Oca i Sina. Blago onome, tko te za gosta primi, jer će se, po tebi, u njemu nastaniti i Otac i Sin.Dođi, predobri Tješitelju žalosne duše, Zaštitniče i Pomoćniče u sreći i nesreći! Dođi, Štite slabih, Pomoćniče palih! Dođi, Učitelju poniznih, Uništitelju oholih! Dođi, preljubezni Oče sirotih, Okrepitelju bolesnih, Zvijezdo morska onih, koji plove na moru, luko spasa, jedini ukrase svih živih i jedini spase svih umirućih!Dođi, Duše Sveti, smiluj mi se i promijeni me po svojoj volji. Udostoj se k meni doći, da ti moja poniznost prema tvojoj veličini, moja slaboća prema tvojoj jakosti, prema punini tvoga Milosrđa, omili. Po Isusu Kristu, mojem Spasitelju, koji s Ocem, u tvojem jedinstvu, živi i kraljuje u sve vijeke vjekova. Amen.sv. AugustinReplyLike
    I was deemed to be a wicked man and a false prophet and so they scourged MeThursday Nov 13, 2014 at 11:10 amMy dearly beloved daughter, I reveal to you today one of the greatest mysteries of the end times.The sequence of events leading up to the last day is akin to My Crucifixion, which will be re-enacted in every stage, right up to the day when I will come again to salvage the world.When I was in the Garden of Gethsemane, I was isolated, alone and grief-stricken, because very few believed that I spoke the Truth. My Love for My Father sustained Me, but My Love for humanity meant that the torment which I endured, including mental and physical torture at the hands of Satan, was accepted by Me, albeit with tremendous effort.How I suffered in that Garden. How I begged My Father for relief. How heartbroken I was when the evil one showed Me how the world would end. He taunted Me, laughed at Me, spat at Me and scoffed, when he showed Me the souls of My enemies, who would, one day, tell the world that they served My Church. This was like being shown My beloved apostles, denounce Me and then pledge their allegiance to Satan. He showed Me the souls of the faithful, whose voices would be deemed to be that of radical bigots and who would be accused of terrible crimes. I saw those who said that they represented Me, persecute the prophets and the visionaries, as well as those who would seek their destruction. I had to endure great darkness when I saw the world, which I once inhabited, become not only blind as to Who I Am, but who would never have been told about Me.I was thrown to the ground, My Face pressed into the soil, kicked, whipped and My clothes torn off by Satan. He tormented Me, beyond My human capacity and under extreme endurance of the physical body. Despite this, I was given the strength to continue to face My inevitable Crucifixion, which terrified Me. My Love for man, however, superseded My human fear.My sacred servants, who will refuse to denounce Me, will also suffer a similar isolation. They will be disgraced and cast aside. Their isolation, will not be condemned by My Church, because of fear within it.When I was scourged, those who carried out the most cruel and vile acts upon My Body rejoiced. I was deemed to be a wicked man and a false prophet and so they scourged Me. They boasted of their holiness, their righteousness and their knowledge of Holy Scriptures, while they vilified My Body. They failed to accept the prophecy that their Messiah would come to save them. Those who will proclaim My Second Coming will endure the same treatment.When they stripped Me naked, they wanted to humiliate Me further and so they dressed Me in a red rag that barely covered Me, to further desecrate My Body. But, when they plunged thorns, like needles, into My Head, they declared that the Son of Man was an imposter and therefore not worthy of acceptance. They tore My Eye out of its socket, but the pain was inconsequential, compared with their declaration, that I was not accepted as the Saviour of God’s children.All of these things are to be re-enacted soon, when I, Jesus Christ, as Head of My Church, will be discarded and My Crown taken away from Me. A false leader, the antichrist, will be substituted as My Head, and unlike the Sacrificial Lamb, he will wear a glittering crown of gold. Beneath this façade will lie a rotten core, and along with the lies, falsities, blasphemies and heresies that will pour from his mouth, he will deliver everything as if it were like the honey, which pours from the honeybee’s hive. Be under no illusion, the beast will have a beautiful appearance, his voice soothing, his demeanour grand. He will be handsome and appealing, but out of his mouth will pour venom that will poison your soul.When I carried My Cross, I could not do this on My Own. It was so heavy that I could only take one step at a time and walk very slowly. My Body was torn in many places and because of the Blood loss I fainted many times, so weak was I. I was blinded in one eye and the thorns on My Head meant that the Blood, which poured from My Wounds, had to be continually wiped away by those who walked alongside Me. Otherwise, I would never have been able to take another step forward.The same will be true of My Remnant Church, the last stable of My Body. They will march, just like I did, with a heavy cross, but despite the pain, the abuse, the suffering and the bloodshed, they will endure until the end. For My Precious Blood will flow over their souls in tandem with My Own Sorrow – My Own Crucifixion. And, on the day, when they will no longer hold the daily Sacrifices of the Mass, My Presence will become extinct. When the day arrives for My Body – My Church on earth – to be finally plundered, crucified and desecrated, all will change forever.It is My Body, My Church, while still alive in the world, which sustains life. But when it is destroyed, life, as you know it, will be over. When My Church is betrayed, sacrificed and discarded, just like My Crucifixion, this will mark the end of time.Your Jesus

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    AktivSuzana MonikaMolitva za svećenikeO, Isuse, vječni Veliki svećeniče,sačuvaj svoje svećenike u svome Presvetom Srcu,gdje im nitko ne može nauditi.Očuvaj neokaljanima njihove posvećene rukekoje svakodnevno dodiruju Tvoje sveto tijelo.Očuvaj čistima njihove usnekoje su crvene od Tvoje predragocjene krvi.Sačuvaj čisto od svega zemaljskog njihovo srce,zapečaćeno uzvišenim znakom Tvoga slavnoga svećeništva.Neka rastu u ljubavi i vjernosti prema Tebii štiti ih od zaraze ovoga svijeta.Snagom pretvorbe nad kruhom i vinomdaj im snagu pretvorbe nad srcima.Blagoslovi njihov rad bogatim plodovimai podari im krunu vječnoga života.Amen.Sveta Mala Terezija

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