All Things Are Possible To Him Who Believes

Mark 9:21-24
24 Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has he been like this?” “From childhood,” he answered. 22 “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” 23 “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. ‘Everything is possible for one who believes.’ 24 Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

 (Demon-possessed boy.)

How many sermons have you heard preached on this passage?  Probably more than a few.  They all seem to be focused on the faith of man who’s son was demon-possessed, the presumption being that the boy’s healing was dependent on his father’s faith.  While it is true that God is moved by our faith, this passage is not about our faith at all!  But, leave it to man to make everything all about us, shifting the focus on you and your performance.

All Things Are Possible To Whom?
Jesus said to the man, “All things are possible to the one who believes.”  Sounds plausible that He is saying that the man needs to have more faith, doesn’t it?  But the fact is, Jesus isn’t referring to OR including in the boy’s healing anything of the man’s faith at all which he himself admits is shaky and imperfect.  The “One Who believes,” isn’t the man; IT IS JESUS.

The Greek text is where we will find the answers.  It makes it VERY clear that Jesus is referring to Himself, NOT to the man and his faith…..or the lack thereof.

Translator Issues.

There is absolutely no question that the Bible is an inspired book.  But we have a little problem:  When you read it in a language other than the original ones–a translation in other words–you are seeing through the lens of the translator; a filter if you will.  Because these people are human, they have a point of view; a frame of reference which can color the text based on their perspective.  That does not mean the Bible has errors. The Holy Spirit is MOST CAPABLE of protecting the integrity of God’s word, so fear not!

However, if the one translating believes that he must work to please God, that mentality will come through in his work.  Conversely, if the translator understands the finished work and the fact that it’s ALL about Jesus, not OUR works, that will be evident as well.
The above phenomenon is clearly seen in this passage which has been MISunderstood, MISused and MISapplied to point to man’s efforts rather than to Jesus in His beauty and perfection.  It puts us back under bondage to the law.
That’s why it is so important to check every passage carefully with the original texts to determine their proper context.  Don’t only depend on our own intellect for understanding.  That is how scripture get misinterpreted.  It is the original languages that are inspired not the translations.   Also, ASK THE AUTHOR: He loves to share and open up His word to those who are hungry.

Don’t read or speak Greek or Hebrew?  No problem.   An excellent resource is one of my favorites-Strong’s Interlinear Online Bible:  Lots of resources; VERY helpful.  You can glean what you need to know from the transliteration and research the root of any word.  (Follow this link to find Strongs Interlinear Online:

Try it sometime!  Go to this passage on Strong’s site, click on the number above the word you want to study.  Look up the root word for “help,” in Greek in this passage.
The man actually said,” I believe.”  The word recorded is “pisteuó” which means, “I believe, have faith in or trust in.  ‘Help my “unbelief-boétheó,”‘ which means, “come to the rescue of or come to help my ápistia-unbelief, unfaithfulness, distrust.'”  A more accurate translation would have been “I believe; come to the rescue of my unbelief.”

That paints quiet a different picture, doesn’t it?  The emphasis is no longer on the man’s faith, but on Jesus:  WHERE IT BELONGS.  It is not, never was nor ever will be about us at all; IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS.  The only thing we “do” is consent to be saved, consent to be healed, consent to be delivered or whatever.

Added Words.

Translators often also add in words, in English for example, so that the text flows a little better.  Any words you see in “italics” are added but are not part of the original text.  Where the father says “Help ME OVERCOME my unbelief,” for instance, it actually says, “Help my unbelief.”  There is nothing about the man “overcoming,” as if his works could accomplish anything.  THEY CANNOT.

Do you see how the translator’s misunderstanding of God’s heart caused him to put a word in there that actually confused the meaning?  Never forget that God loves you; that He is FOR you!

The “Faith Of Lazarus?”

When you really think about it, what greater miracle is there than being raised from the dead?  Tell me, Church:  How much faith did Lazarus exercise to be brought back to life after being DEAD FOR FOUR DAYS!?  ZERO.
You see, Church, NOTHING Jesus does for us is dependent on how good or how strong our faith is.  Faith as teeny, tiny as a little, itty bitty mustard seed IN the One Who is faithful and true is all we need in order for The Mountain Mover, THE FAITHFUL AND TRUE ONE, to move on our behalf.

It isn’t you or I who have perfect faith:  IT IS JESUS.  HIS faith is always perfect.  HIS faith never wavers.  You and I need to have faith that HIS FAITH IS ALWAYS PERFECT, however weak or strong our own.  And we need to see ourselves as He sees us–righteous and perfect because of HIS perfect work.

“But don’t we receive everything by faith?”  Yes.  But don’t make the mistake that your great faith will somehow “trick God,” as it were, into blessing you.  Not so.  He just wants to bless you because He loves you.  Wrap you head around that!

ALL things are possible for HIM: JESUS! WHO BELIEVES!

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