Sit Still My Daughter

Ruth 3:18
“Then she (Naomi) said, “Sit still, my daughter, until you know how the matter will turn out; for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter this day.”
(“Sit still my daughter.”)
If there were ever a time in history when we need a real big miracle, now is it.  We are facing, without a doubt, the most critical, life-altering, history-changing election of our nation’s history.
We need to pray as a unified Church to The One in Whom we trust:  Our Lord Jesus Christ.  But we must not pray “FOR” victory; we must pray “FROM” victory because the battle is the Lord’s!
How do we do that?  Show your faith and trust in Jesus by “sitting still,” as Naomi instructed Ruth.  Sitting implies rest!
Naomi Instructs Ruth.
Just prior to her statement, Ruth had done exactly as her mother-in-law had told her to do.  She said, in chapter 3:2-4: “He (Boaz) is winnowing barley tonight at the threshing floor.Therefore wash yourself and anoint yourself, put on your best garment and go down to the threshing floor; but do not make yourself known to the man until he has finished eating and drinking. Then it shall be, when he lies down, that you shall notice the place where he lies; and you shall go in, uncover his feet, and lie down; and he will tell you what you should do.”
Well, at midnight, Boaz awoke to find a woman resting at his feet.  In ancient Israel, this was a proposal of marriage on the part of Ruth.  Boaz asked who she was, she identified herself, and he called her “blessed.”  Then he said, “13 Stay this night, and in the morning it shall be that if he (the nearer kinsman) will perform the duty of a close relative for you—good; let him do it. But if he does not want to perform the duty for you, then I will perform the duty for you, as the Lord lives! Lie down until morning.”
Upon returning to Naomi, Ruth related to her the above events whereupon Naomi slpoke to her the remarks in the opening verse.
Trust In The Lord.
Ruth is a typology of the Church.  We are His daughter; His bride.   God says, “Rest.  Sit still, my daughter.  Don’t fret for all the evil in the world, though the tide seems overwhelming.”
We serve a God of the impossible.  The LORD is our Shepherd.  WE SHALL NOT WANT!
Look up, lift up Jesus, confess He is our Refuge and our fortress, Our God in Whom we trust.  Be inwardly still.  In other words, “Do not worry,” for Jesus will not rest until He has concluded the matter this day!  We shall see the salvation of our God!
“Sit still, my daughter.”

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