The Realm Of “Maybe.”

John 10:27-29
29 “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. 28 And I give them eternal life, and they shall NEVER perish; neither shall ANYONE snatch them out of MY HAND. 29 My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of MY FATHER’S HAND.”

The opening passage is the most blessed assurance in all of scripture!  But if you’re a Christian who lives in the realm of “Maybe I’m forgiven, maybe I’m not,” it is not where God wants you to be.  He wants you to be assured that you are forgiven of ALL you sins, forever safe and secure in His hands. 🥰

You Are Made Righteous.

Do you go around thinking that, if not angry with you, God is perhaps mildly disappointed? Are you always condemning yourself for how you’ve failed, constantly begging for forgiveness?  It may seem like the religious or spiritual mindset to have but IT IS NOT PLEASING TO GOD.

His Beloved Son was brutally beaten and tortured to pay the FULL PEALTY for the sins of your entire life: Past, present AND future.  He made you, PAST TENSE, righteous and gave you heaven.  You didn’t do it:  It was done TO you.  It cannot be undone BY you. 💖

Think about it:  The Holy Spirit, being God, cannot have fellowship with sin:  NOT EVER.  He comes in and takes up residence when you first invited Jesus into your heart and the Bible says He “NEVER leaves you or forsakes you.”  If that is true but you believe you must confess your sins every time you commit one because now you are out of fellowship with God, you have a BIG problem.  That paints the bleak picture below…..

Bleak Picture.
Let’s say you have just committed a sin; big or little doesn’t matter. Now you are in darkness, so you believe, 🤨 and out of fellowship.  You then confess your sin or sins, ask forgiveness for every little thing…the ones you are conscious of anyway…and get cleansed…again…so that you get back into the light and into fellowship with God…again.

 It’s like a dance:  IN fellowship 😁…OUT of fellowship 😓…IN fellowship 😁…OUT of fellowship. 😓  You’re like a yo-yo…..but you’re still worried that there are sins of which you may be unaware so your conscience isn’t really ever completely clear. 😕  There’s a nagging doubt in your mind that you may have UNconfessed sin so you still feel under condemnation.
Church, THIS IS SPIRITUAL ADULTERY. 😡 You are going back and forth between the Old Covenant and the New.
No Revolving Door.
Remember:  The Holy Spirit CANNOT have fellowship with sin….EVER.  If your sinful deeds truly do defile you, as you believe, then He would have no choice but to leave you until you confess that, or those, sin or sins; then, when you are “right with God” once again, He come back in….again. 🤔

What do you think you have in there?  A spiritual revolving door?  If the above scenario were actually true, The Holy Spirit spends more time outside your heart than in it!

If that were true…..and it isn’t… in the world could Jesus say He NEVER leaves you or forsakes you?  In that scenario, never isn’t NEVER and you’re calling Jesus a liar. 😲

AS IF!!!  
The truth is He doesn’t come into your heart and leave through a revolving door every time you commit a sin.  That’s ridiculous!  It’s just as Jesus said:  HE NEVER LEAVES YOU OR FORSAKES YOU!  What does that tell you?  YOU ARE ALWAYS AT ALL TIMES, IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE CLEANSED OF SIN BECAUSE GOD CANNOT EVER HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH SIN………Period.  Full stop.

1 John 1:9.

This whole concept is a MISinterpretation of 1 John 1:9.  If you study carefully, you’ll see that the entire first chapter of 1 John was NOT written to believers:  It was written to the Gnostic Jews of John’s day.  They were not saved.  We know that because Paul always addressed the Church as “Little children,” or “Beloved.”  This phrase appears at the beginning of chapter 2.

Then we have the testimony of the words for “forgive” and “cleanse” in Greek.  These words in this verse are “aphiémi:  send away,” and “katharizó:  cleanse, make clean.”  THEY ARE BOTH IN THE AORIST TENSE.

If you remember nothing else, remember this:  AORIST tense means that this is a ONE-TIME, NEVER-TO-BE-REPEATED ACTION.  They are in the passive voice which means they were done “TO” you and thus cannot UNdone “BY” you.
It is a salvation verse.

As I said, John does not begin addressing the church, i.e. Believers, until chapter 2.  He writes in verse 12 of the second chapter, “I write to you, LITTLE CHILDREN, because your sins ARE FORGIVEN YOU for His name’s sake.”

The phrase, “Little children,” is “teknion,” in Greek.  It does not refer to “baby Christians but is an affectionate term, like saying, “Dear children,” referring to believers.  He is writing to them “BECAUSE” their sins “ARE (perfect tense) FORGIVEN them.”

I repeat:  Aorist tense means, “an action that is executed; an action that is complete once and for all and “NEEDS NO REPETITION.”  Check it out with any Greek scholar you like.  They’ll tell you the same thing.
Horizontal, Not Vertical.
You see?  Your sins are forgiven you once and for all–PAST, PRESENT AND FUTIRE.  Forgiveness for your sins from God NEVER needs to be repeated.  As far as sin goes, between you and God, it’s a done deal.  We do, however, confess our sins to one another when we have wronged someone.  But It is HORIZONTAL:  never vertical.
Does that make you want to go out and sin more?  Well, that would be incredibly stupid!  There are some who think that this knowledge gives people a license to go out and sin more.  But Jesus Himself said, “He who is forgiven much will love Him much.”  Jesus Himself says that the one who understands this will love Him more and NOT want to sin.
(For more on that topic, you may follow the link below:
Be Bold!
So, stand and boldly and confess what you ALREADY ARE:  Cleansed, righteous, pure; YES, PURE, even though you just blew it. Think of it like being under a waterfall of continual cleansing.

And please, DO NOT beat yourself up when you sin.  You cannot “pay” for your own sins by anything you do.  Begging for forgiveness that you already have is the same thing.  It dishonors what Jesus did, trampling His blood underfoot. 🤭 No sincere Christian would ever knowingly do that, I’m sure.

Realize and acknowledge that JESUS DID IT ALL.   IT IS FINISHED…and come on over here into the Sonshine!  You don’t belong in the REALM OF “MAYBE.”

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