The Blue Tassel: Part 5 Of 6- High Priest’s Garment Series

Numbers 15:37-41

“37 Again the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, ’38 Speak to the children of Israel: Tell them to make tassels on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and to put a blue thread in the tassels of the corners. 39 And you shall have the tassel, that you may look upon it and remember all the commandments of the LORD and do them, 40 and that you may not follow the harlotry to which your own heart and your own eyes are inclined, and that you may remember and do all My commandments, and be holy for your God. 41 I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: I am the LORD your God.”

As you have seen in parts 1-4, every part of the high priest’s garments are rich with meaning.  Every color, every thread, even the tassels on the corners of his prayer shawl, paint beautiful pictures of Jesus. 😊

But did God require tassels simply so that they would remember to do the LORD commands?  Yes and no.  Yes, He wanted them to follow His commands, but He also knew that they couldn’t do that on their own.  You see, man has no power.  He needs help.  He needs visual aids and props to help him.  Jesus said, after all, “Without Me you can do NOTHING.”

The Perfectly Obedient One.

The only One Who perfectly knows God’s will, as outlined in the Ten Commandments, and has the power to carry them out is JESUS!  Because we weren’t able to do it, Jesus came, fulfilled all the Law for us, in fact “AS us, and then instituted a New Covenant sealed with His sinless blood, which is recorded in Hebrews 8.

If you read Hebrew 8 very carefully, you’ll see that the only command for us today is to “BELIEVE.”  Look to Jesus and “BELIEVE.”  Our deal is that we REMEMBER JESUS, and that God REMEMBERS OUR SINS NO MORE!  Our fight was, is, and has always been, the fight to remain in faith; faith in what God says, what He has promised, and what Jesus accomplished for us.

(Our New Covenent.)
God’s Focus.
So, why the tassels on the corners of thier garments?”  What do they mean?  Simply this:
God is always thinking about and pointing to His Beloved Son and His finished work!  He knows that if we keep our focus on Jesus, we can do all things through Him Who strengthens us.

Every detail, every picture, every name, and place name in Hebrew, including the Hebrew letters themselves, are speaking to us.  But even when you understand that, passages like the one above can kinda leave you scratching your head. 🤔

God had Israel build a tabernacle in the wilderness.  Why? All their tents faced away from the desert, toward the tabernacle. Why?  He had them put a bronze serpent on a pole in the wilderness when they were bitten by poisonous snakes.  Why?  When they looked intently, in faith, to that pole, they were healed.  Why?

All these things are depictions of Jesus!  He wanted them looking “TO JESUS!”

Secrets In The Hebrew Language.

Below is a portion of the opening passage in Hebrew, which the Jewish people call, “The law of “Zit-zit.”  That is what they call those “Tassels.”  This, again, clearly shows that God wants us “Looking to Jesus.”

When this you see, remember Me: את

The passage says that the LORD wanted them to “Remember all the commands of the LORD.”  In the picture above you can see the word, “Remember.”  The untranslated word next to it circled in red, “Et: [אֵ֥ת],” is Jesus’ signature.  How do we know that?

“Aleph [אֵ֥] and Tav [ת]” are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Jesus is “The First and the Last.” He wants them to remember Jesus!  “When you see the blue tassel, remember Me:  Jesus.”  Of course, the Jewish people don’t know it’s Jesus.  They think of Messiah.  But we know, don’t we Church?

Where are “The Commandments of the Law” today?  They are in Jesus!  He fulfilled them.  “Thy Word have I hid in My heart.”  Jesus did that.  He is the only One Who can perfectly obey the Law in all aspects at all times and never ever make a mistake.  And when you accept Jesus as your Savor, His perfect Law-keeping is credited to you.

For more on the subject of Jesus’ Signature, follow the link below:את-2/)

Healing In His Wings.

The prophet Malachi in chapter 4 verse 2 wrote of our Lord Jesus that He would arise with “Healing in His wings.”  Remember that?  I always assumed it was some reference to His being protective of us under His wings, like a mother hen or mother eagle; you know, like it says in Psalm 91. Eagles and hens have wings, right?

Well, yes they do and, yes, He does protect us like that.  But that isn’t what the Holy Spirit means here.  In Jesus’ day, every Hebrew male wore a prayer shawl, called a “Tallit.”  This garment was required to have a tassel on all four corners with a blue thread woven in it. Though the hem of any garment is referred to as “wings,” the tassels of their tallit are also called wings, “Kanaphim,” in Hebrew.

(Tallit: Prayer Shawl.”)
We discussed the meaning of the color, “Blue,” in part 2 of this series. It is a depiction Jesus finished work.  Here’s a link in case you missed it:
Woman Sick For 12 Years.
You remember the woman who was sick with the issue of blood for 12 years?  She reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, literally the tassel of His Tallit, which would have been hanging down as He walked.  She touched the blue tassel by faith, connected with Jesus’ finished work, and was instantly healed!  This is the only recorded instance in the whole Bible where someone touched His wings!
In order for her to have known to do that at all she would have had to believe two things:
#1.  Jesus is the Messiah.
#2.  There literally was healing power in His “Kanaphim.”
Bear in mind now that Jewish children, both boys and girls, were taught the Torah practically from birth.  She would have been quite familiar with the passage in Malachi 4.  But Jesus always over answers our prayers!  He gave her something far more valuable than just her physical healing.
Violation Of Levitical Law.
She had come from behind by stealth to touch His tallit.  Who could blame her? According to Levitcal law, she was not even supposed to be out in public.  Most certainly, she should not be touching other people.
Leviticus 15:19 spells it out in great detail.  She was considered “unclean” and would make anyone else she touched unclean.  She could have been stoned to death for her actions.

Grace Not Law.

Now, in the Old Testament, all the curses were behind God, at his back. Because Jesus had not yet died, no one could look at the face of God and live. All they could ever see of God was His back as He was leaving them.

But Jesus is not about Law:  He’s all about grace!  He reached out and physically, lovingly, touched this poor woman who, like a leper, had not been physically touched by anyone in a long, long time.  He not only restored her health, He restored her humanity.  WHAT A SAVIOR!!

You see, He wasn’t satisfied with her taking her healing by stealth.  He wanted to leave her with more than just her healing.  So, He turned around and showed her His FACE.  He singled her out among that great press of people, restored her health, and spoke grace to her in a very personal, very loving way.  He wanted her to know that He freely gave her what she came for and wanted her well even more than she did!
That’s how He treats all of us.  We are His beloved!  He also called “daughter.”  Nowhere else in the entire Bible is it documented that Jesus called anyone else, “Daughter.”  She is the only one.  Amazing!
(Woman with the issue of blood.)
Any time you reach out and touch grace, instead of making it UNclean, grace makes YOU clean!  Today, when you and I reach out to Jesus, we can KNOW AND BELIEVE that He loves is; that He wants us to be healed and whole, even more than we do.  
This woman is a depiction of the Church today.  Many Christians, like her, feel as if God is far away or that He is, if not angry, at least mildly disappointed with the them.  They almost act as if they are orphans. There is no sense of closeness or family.
Church, WE ARE NOT ORPHANS.  We are “Daughter” to Him.  We are His bride!  HE LOVES US WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE!  HE DIED FOR US!
So, whenever you touch or are mindful of Jesus’ FINISHED work and His love FOR you, your faith in that love for you soars.  You are connecting with His finished work.
You are, in effect, touching the Blue Tassel.

Follow the link below to Part 6 where we’ll discuss two very mysterious parts of the high priest’s garments:  The Urim and Thummim:

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