The Alpha And Omega!

Genesis 1:1
1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

The opening verse is the first sentence in the entire Bible.  Most of you reading this probably knew that already.  Now, in English it doesn’t really say a whole lot; but in Hebrew, IT SPEAKS VOLUMES! 😮


The Untranslated Word.
The above screen shot of Genesis 1:1 is the Hebrew text with its transliteration from Strong’s Interlinear Online.  The word in the exact middle of the sentence circled in red is comprised of two letters.  From right to left, the first letter is, “Aleph [א]” the second letter is, “Tav [ת].”  It is pronounced, “Et.”
Wherever these two particular letters appear alone, the word is always untranslated.  In this configuration, they occur exactly 22 times in the Hebrew scriptures, the very same number as the letters in their alphabet. 😮 We will soon see why this is so significant.
Seven Words.
The entire first sentence is comprised of seven words and many other multiples of seven.  Let’s look at the significance of this number that means so much to God.
Image result for aleph tav
There are a total of 28 Hebrew letters in Genesis 1:1, which is a multiple of 7.  Seven, “Shevah” in Hebrew, is the number of completeness in Bible numerics, which also means “Promise or oath.”  28 is a multiple of 7:  7 x 4.  4 is the number of creation, therefore 28 indicates “Perfect or complete Creation.”  
In case you’re wondering why the words about completeness and the number seven are in blue, you may follow the link below.  Yes, it isn’t only names and numbers that have meaning but colors as well! 😁😉 
(For more on the meaning of numbers in the Bible, you may follow the link below:  In case some of your are wondering, “Is this numerology?”  No, it is definitely not.  That is a satanic and superstitious system.  
You see, names of people, places, things, and numbers throughout the Bible, particularly in the Hebrew language, have wonderful meanings that lead us to a greater understanding of scripture and clearer pictures of Jesus. The link above has a lot of information you may find of interest.
These two particular letters, “Aleph א and Tav ת,” are the most significant in the entire Bible because of Who they represent. But before we get to that, let’s go over some important facts about Hebrew.

Facts About Hebrew.

#1.  Hebrew reads from right to left and is a form of picture of writing, like Chinese. Each letter is a picture of something.  Each has a corresponding number, color, and musical note associated with it as well.  All these things are very consistent.

#2.  The Name of God in this verse is “Elohim: [אלוהים],” which means “Creator God.״  It is a plural word.  VERY interesting!  You see, in Hebrew, whenever you want to make a word  plural, you add “im: [ים]” at the end, which functions like our letter “S.”  “Elohim,” therefore, is a plural word, describing the Trinity.  The “Et” immediately afterward tells you which person of the Trinity created all things: “Elohim-Et.” 🤔 
Who is “את?” That is what we are studying. 😀 
#3.  There are 7 words in this verse so it qualfies as what the rabbis call a “Menorah verse,” a phenomenon of which the Jewish rabbis are well aware and which we will discuss below.
Menorah Verses.
A menorah verse is one which contains seven words.  The Menorah of Moses’.  Tabernacle has seven branches. Place all 7 words above the menorah, one word over each branch as in the picture below, and the most important word or concept will be directly over the “Shemesh,” or center lamp.  
The word, et- [את], is directly over the Shemesh, as pictured below.  Shemesh means “Center” or “SERVANT LAMP.”  It is lighted first and used to light the other lamps, hence the serving function.  It is removable.
For more about this amazing work of art, please follow the link below:
Pictures Of Jesus.
All of these things are pictures of our Lord Jesus! 💖 He told us in Mark 10:45,  “…the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”
We didn’t come to Him; He came to each one as the Light of the world.  He gave His life for us.  He saved us!  Now, we carry His light in us and shine out to a lost, dark, and dying world.

In the Hebrew text, this two-letter word in the middle is always untranslated, as I said earlier, but because it is over the “Shemesh,” or center lamp, God is pointing out that it has special significance.  Pay close attention.

Reading from right to left, the FIRST letter is [א] aleph.  You can see it’s the first letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet.  It means “Ox or sacrifice.” That’s Jesus!  The second letter,[ת] tav, is the LAST letter Of The aleph-bet.  It is a picture of the “Cross.”


The Aleph Tav.

Come with me now to the very last book of the Bible: Revelation.  In chapter one it says in verses 11-14 (YLT) “I am the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the FIRST and the LAST;’ and, `What thou dost see, write in a scroll, and send to the seven assemblies that [are] in Asia; to Ephesus, and to Smyrna, and to Pergamos, and to Thyatira, and to Sardis, and to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea.’

12 And I did turn to see the voice that did speak with me, and having turned, I saw SEVEN GOLDEN LAMP-STANDS, 13 and in the MIDST {the middle branch} of the seven lamp-stands, [One] like to a son of man, (Jesus) clothed to the foot, and girt round at the breast with a gold girdle, “

The ONE in the “Midst (middle)” of the seven golden lampstands is our Lord Jesus. The golden girdle about His breast indicates He is forever our servant.

[את] Every Child Conceived Is From God

Interestingly, if you read through the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament, every time it mentions that “So-and-so beget so and so,” the two letters, “את” appear directly afterward.  That tells you that Jesus Himself is intimately involved in EVERY BIRTH.  He is the One Who gives conception.  He is the one Who “Knits the unborn” in the womb.  Conception cannot happen without His direct involvement.  That is why EVERY UNBORN CHILD is precious to God!  

That also tells you who is behind abortion. 👿 But even if a baby is aborted, that little one goes on to live forever with Jesus. We will see this whole generation face to face someday. I’m sure they’ll have a few questions for us. 🤨

Who Is “Aleph Tav?”

More than 400 years before Jesus was born, a group of Jewish rabbis got together and translated the Hebrew scriptures into Greek.  This language, like English today, was fast becoming the language of commerce.  That’s how our New Testament came to be written in Greek.
The words in the verse above were RECORDED in Greek.  True. But Jesus would not have spoken in Greek to a fellow Jewish person.   He would have spoken either Hebrew or Aramaic.
Alpha and omega are the FIRST and LAST letters of the Greek alphabet.  Jesus, speaking to John on the island of Patmos, would not have said, “I am alpha and omega.”  He actually would have said, and probably did say, “I Am ALEPH and TAV.” {את} 
The First And The Last.
He is the FIRST and He is the LAST.  He is the BEGINNING and the END. He has the first word in your situation and He has the last word in your situation.  He has the first word in your health, in your relationships, in every area of your life, and He has the last word in all these things.
He is also the CENTER lamp.  Everythng…..EVERYTHING… well only when it revolves around Him.  Just as a wheel would wobble and be unsteady if the pivotal pin is off-center, so we are off balance unless Jesus is our center, our ALEPH TAV.
Based on all of that, [את] Aleph-Tav is JESUS’ SIGNATURE!

What an amazing language!  It so clearly demonstrates that Jesus really is the FIRST and the LAST, The Alpha and Omega:  The Aleph Tav!

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  1. Revelation 1:20 – The mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand,
    and the seven golden lampstands: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands which you saw are the seven churches.
    So much to glean here! Perfect timing with Pleiades in our evening sky with Venus!!! And before PASSOVER!!!! (Seen CLEARLY with binoculars.) The moon is still in the Winter Circle. The COURT IS IN SESSION in the heavens!!! God is on his THRONE – wearing his CROWN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!! Hosanna!!

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