I Will SAY Of The Lord: Psalm 91 Series Part 2 of 7.

Psalm 91:2

I will SAY of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.”


Because this world is increasingly more dangerous, you and I need a sure refuge and a secure fortress.  This spiraling down into darkness and chaos at such a dizzying pace is increasing rapidly.  As you saw in part 1, God’s protection isn’t some luxury or an nice idea:  IT’S A NECESSITY!  
Is there anything you and I can do?  Yes…..SPEAK UP!!!
Speak Out God’s Word!
Words have incredible power.  God created the universe and everything in it just by speaking.  Think about that……🤔
David wrote in verse 2 of this Psalm, “I will SAY of the LORD…”  “Saying” is the essence of prayer.  He is my refuge because I “SAY” He is my Refuge.  Every day, in every situation, we need to “SAY;” to speak out loud what we want.  We need to SAY, “He is my refuge and my fortress.”
Protection Not Automatic.
According to the terms of our “Lease,” of the earth, if you will, as given to Adam in the garden, GOD’S PROTECTION ISN’T AUTOMATIC.  What the world does not realize is that it’s ONLY AVAILABLE TO BELIEVERS because they are in covenant with Him. But even we must not take it for granted.  We must ask for His protection. You see, God cannot be Sovereign over your life unless you allow Him to be Sovereign.
That’s why those outside of Christ HAVE NO PROTECTION FROM THE DEVIL WHATSOEVER.  They are completely defenseless because they have no covenant with God.  The devil can torment them any time he pleases. 😓

What Is A Covenant?
A covenant is an agreement between two parties, but it is far more than something written on paper or agreed on by the shaking of hands.  IT IS SEALED IN BLOOD AND IS BINDING.  In our case, it was sealed by the sinless blood of God’s own Son.  If you have not agreed to this covenant sealed by Jesus’ blood, you have no contract with God. 😓
Now do you see why God is so desperate for mankind to believe in His Son and what He did at the cross?  He doesn’t want us to be defenseless.  Because of the fall and the terms of our lease, He is not fully in control of this earth right now, something I doubt many Christians understand.
Not In Full Control.
The last time He was FULLY in charge was in the garden.   Back then, everything was perfect.  There were no hospitals because no one was sick.  There was no need for weapons because there were no wars.  There was perfect peace, perfect provision.
But then God handed the “keys,” 🔑 if you will, over to man.  It was only a temporary lease, you understand:  “6 ‘days’ shall you labor…,” a day being “AS” 1,000 years: That’s about 6,000 years, folks! 😮  (See 2 Peter 3:8)
Nevertheless, once He gave man control, He, Who unfailingly honors His word, will not be taking back the keys until the appointed time, which will be when Jesus returns to earth at His second coming.  Ownership will then revert back to Him so He will once again be Sovereign over the whole world, ruling it with righteousness, equity, and truth! 🙌🏻 HALLELUJAH!  What a day that will be!
High Treason.
Man still has the “keys” but, as you know, in the garden he committed high treason. Adam bowed his knee to that outlaw spirit, satan, and now we live in a fallen world. The rest is history. 😕
Man has certainly made a total mess out of everything.  But the devil, since the cross, has no more power.  He can’t do anything to us unless we succumb to his lies. If you are interested in more on this whole topic, you may follow the link below:
Since it was a man who sold us out, it legally had to be someone from the human race to buy us back.  That’s why Jesus had to become a man:  So He could legally do so, hence the story of Christmas!

A Legal Matter.
Until Jesus returns to earth, God has to find a way to intervene in the affairs of man LEGALLY.  He cannot simply jump in and help whenever He wants, as much as He would love to;  and believe me, He wants to more than we can possibly imagine.
Since this is a legal matter, He must find people who agree to covenant with Him; to agree that they need Him to reign over their affairs.  👉🏻ONLY THOSE IN COVENANT RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD CAN ASK FOR…AND RECEIVE…HIS PROTECTION.👈🏻
Covenant Transaction.
The key word here is “ASK,” which means “PRAY.”  Prayer is what activities our covenant with Him.
Think about it: If God was truly in complete control of this world, would there be all this trouble on the earth:  Wars, famine, poverty, killing, stealing, precious little children dying before their time?  I DON’T THINK SO!
Prayer is a covenant transaction. It is a person in covenant with God ASKING Him to take charge of him or her and their situation.  It isn’t some pointless exercise engaged in by the weak-minded.  FAR FROM IT. 😁
Every day before you step outside your door, ASK the Lord to be your refuge and that of your family.  Don’t take for granted that it’s gonna be a normal day because you never know.  He is our refuge, like a bunker, for you and your family to hide in; your fortress, like Masada.  Very secure!
(View from top of Masada.  Photo courtesy of Will Metcalf.)
Only God can put you in the right place at the right time or keep you from the wrong place at the wrong time. Only He knows where the twists, turns, pot holes, and land mines are.  He knows what lies ahead on your road each day.
A Bad Parent?
What you “SAY” affects what you “RECEIVE” from God, and what you “BELIEVE” about God affects what you “SAY.”  So choose your words wisely.  
Don’t be like some Christians who say things like, “God sometimes gives me troubles and sicknesses to teach me a lesson.”  That is a lie from the pit of hell. 😡 
Church, TROUBLE AND SICKNESSES ARE NOT FROM OUR FATHER.‼️ He always turns our situations around to our benefit according to Romans 8:28.  He is a Good Daddy! 🙌🏻
Think about it:  Would you, as a good parent, make your little child lay down in your driveway and run over their legs to teach them not to play in the street?  I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT!  We would lock you up and throw away the key! 🙅🏼‍♀️
Do you enjoy seeing your own children sick or hungry?  OF COURSE NOT!  Yet we accuse God of doing exactly that; of allowing accidents and sicknesses to teach us a lesson.  AS IF!!! What a horrible thought!  😮
Are we better parents than God that we wouldn’t want our kids hurt or sick but He would?  Like I said, that’s a big fat lie from the devil. 😡
The Bible says, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, HOW MUCH MORE will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”  (Matthew 7:11) 💖

Angeles Respond To God’s Spoken Word.
“SAY” of the Lord every day, “He is my refuge and my fortress.  My God; in Him will I trust.”  When you speak out God’s word it activates His angels, who work for us by the way.  They respond to God’s SPOKEN WORD.
“SAYING” God’s word instead of “saying” your own throws the devil off guard. He cannot read your mind…..nor can God’s good angels, for that matter. 👉🏻  The only way the devil knows he’s got you is by WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! 🤭👈🏻
So “SAY” of the Lord “He is my refuge,” often.  See Him as your salvation.  Invite Him into every area of your life.  You will have whatever you say…..So, be very careful what you “SAY of the Lord.”
You may follow the link below to Part 3.  We’ll be talking about the tricks the devil likes to try and use against us and from which God protects us:

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