Protected Against Attacks Of The Enemy: Psalm 91 Series Part 6 of 7.

Psalm 91:13
“You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.”
 Jesus treads on the serpent
Jesus CRUSHED the head of that old serpent, the devil. HALLELUJAH!!!  And just like our Master, we too, can tread upon the serpent (satan) and his minions.  That roaring old lion has no more teeth because of Jesus’ finished work.  We have been given sure defenses against ALL the attacks of the devil.
In the Secret Place of the Most High we have every benefit and every protection from EVERY kind of danger, every kind of disaster, and every kind of illness every hour of every day. There are even legions of angels to watch over us as you saw in part 5.  You may follow the link in case you missed that part:
Types Of Attacks.
Our most dedicated enemy is the devil. He hates God and therefore mankind because we are made in His image.  But since he cannot strike at God directly, he strikes at us to get back at Him by hurting His beloved ones.
He comes against us in two ways:  Like a lion and like a snake. A lion is loud, threatening, visually terrifying, and openly destructive while a snake is stealthy, hidden, subtle, striking suddenly, without warning.
Whether large and fearsome or a small and inconvenient, be it overt or covert, our God is there to guard, to guide, and to protect us, or to rescue us out of trouble if we’re already in it.  It may even be of our own making, (usually is), but all we need to do is rest in Him; to rest in the secret place of the Most High, remain in faith, and speak out God’s word.

Wrong Focus.

The area in which the devil’s attacks us is our faith.  You see, we don’t actually fight the devil directly. No way! We are no match for him. 🙅🏼‍♀️ That is Jesus’ job, so let Him do it.  He crushed his head, remember?

The devil may be bound but he sure isn’t gagged, and he has a BIG MOUTH. He whispers in your ear trying to get you to focus on your problems and a host of other things: Negative people, negative news, bad things, evil happenings in the world instead of on The Problem Solver, Jesus!

He gets a lot help from the media, whom I like to call, “The Media-nites.”  (Midian in Hebrew means “strife”😉).  That’s about all you hear from them, isn’t it?  STRIFE!  They showcase all the bad stuff that happens:  Plane crashes, terror attacks, murders, riots, so-called “demonstrations and protests,” earthquakes, destructive weather, etc.  It may keep the interest of their viewers but they’re focusing on the wrong things because it helps their bottom line. They’re also not above manufacturing fake news these days, making up evil that never happened and attacking those who do good. 🤮

Sadly, he sometimes gets a little help from the pulpit from well-meaning preachers who are sin-conscious, however unwittingly.

News Flash:  Thousands and thousands of airplanes landed safely today and thousands and thousands more will land safety tomorrow.  More good things and good weather happened today than bad.  Good news FAR outnumbers bad news.  Sadly, it is bad news that sells.
Whether it be the trials or troubles common to man that we experience in life, things that the devil throws at us, or troubles of our own making, we can walk right through their midst and come out on the other side in safety.
Yea, Though “I” Walk.
Psalm 23 says, “Yea, though I walk THROUGH…”
Church, you are going THROUGH, not staying IN your troubles.  Confessing this Psalm and others over ourselves and our families lovingly provided by our Father is our best weapon against anything thrown at us, whether it be the devil or not.
All bad things do not necessarily come from him. We live in a fallen world, remember.
Now, just because it says we will tread upon serpents (evil things) doesn’t mean you can go around playing with venomous snakes thinking God will protect you.  It means as you walk through life and come upon unseen or unexpected dangers, there is protection or deliverance from them.
Don’t put God to a foolish test, unless you’d like this epitaph on your tombstone:  
The Answer Is Always The Cross.
God’s answer to every problem and every situation is always the cross.  Through Jesus and the power of His finished work, you can safely weather any storm.  You can make it through problems both large and small, even the big attacks that would otherwise be insurmountable.  You will trample them underfoot.
Thank you, Jesus!  When you rest, God works! 🙌🏻
Oh, yes:  We are protected from ALL the attacks of the enemy.
You may follow the link below to the 7th and final part of this series.  We’ll be talking about God’s greatest wish for you: Long life!:

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