The Judgment Seat Of Christ.

Luke 4:17-21
” And He (Jesus) was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written:
“The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, 18 Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.” 20 Then He closed the book, and gave it back to the attendant and sat down. And the eyes of all who were in the synagogue were fixed on Him. 21 And He began to say to them, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”


(Jesus reading the scroll of Isaiah in His hometown of Nazareth)

You may be wondering, “What does this scripture have to do with the Judgment seat of Christ?” The answer is, “EVERYTHING.”  If you are at all familiar with the passage Jesus read from in Isaiah 61, you already know that He didn’t read the entire passage.  What did He omit and why?  That’s what we are studying!  We are going to clearly see that Jesus is showing us God really isn’t into judgment; He is all about Grace….for now. 

Before we get into the subject, we will need to deal with some of the issues that have caused a lot of quite a bit of confusion.  Then we will be able to understand things in their proper context.  You see, if you take a text out of context, you are left with a “CON.” 🤨 As the saying goes, “Context is KING.”


Your Perception Of God.

Perception is everything. What you understand about God colors how you think of Him.  More to the point, how you see Him affects how and what you receive from Him. For instance: if you see Him only as a distant, stern disciplinarian, you’ll never feel worthy enough to receive much from Him because you’ll always feel like He is angry with you 😞 when, in fact, He is not. ♥️ Or, if you don’t believe that, say, healing is for today, then for you it isn’t. 
Translator Issues.
Now obviously, translators are people, too. The same principle of perception applies to them just like everybody else.  Their personal perception of God colors how they portray Him when they translate the Bible from the original languages.  Please understand that this does not change what The Holy Spirit wants to convey.  But what often happens is the one translating will add words to make it flow better in the language to which the scriptures are being translated.  These added words are NOT in the original text and are always in italics.
You see Hebrew, and to a lesser extent, Greek, can be taken with either a positive or negative tone, depending on your personal perception.  While the Bible is certainly the inspired word of God, it is only the original languages are inspired.  Your translation is obviously not the original language.  Technically speaking, it’s a commentary.  That is why it is always best to refer to the original languages whenever possible or compare several different translations with each other to gather the full meaning.
(Check out the link below for Interlinear translations of the entire Bible if you don’t read Greek and Hebrew. It’s a tremendous resource:
Jesus Closed The Scroll.
When Jesus told His audience that the scripture from Isaiah 61 was fulfilled in their hearing, the people knew exactly what He meant.  He was calling Himself the Messiah, which of course He is!  But you’ll notice He didn’t read the entire passage.  He left off the last part and closed the scroll. 
Here’s what He omitted:  Isaiah 61:2….AND THE DAY OF VENGEANCE OF OUR GOD;”  Why? 🤔 

Jesus closed the scroll and did not read this part because, in His first coming, He came as The LAMB of God.  He did not come to judge the world but to save us from sin; to proclaim the ACCEPTABLE YEAR OF THE LORD.  He came to save, not to judge.
Church, we need to follow His lead and learn to close the book where He did.  ♥️ 
Ministry Of Reconciliation.

God is not judging the sins of the world…..well, not yet, anyway. That final “day” is still future to us.  Our job, as His representatives, is not to go around judging other people.  We are given the task of “RECONCILING” the world to God, not condemning it.  To date, it has been 2,000 years of “The acceptable year of the LORD!”  But the countdown to judgment is nearing its end.

(For information on what we are to judge in this world, you may follow the link below. Note that it is NOT other people:

The vengeance of our God—the righteous, holy vengeance against all lawlessness, iniquity, sin and ungodliness—was unleashed upon Jesus at the cross.  That day, God righteously and judiciously punished His own beloved Son for EVERY sin from the beginning to the end of time FOR ALL HUMANITY because He SO LOVED the whole world.  Every type, every story, every picture from one end of the Bible to the other tells the incomprehensible story of Jesus’ selfless sacrifice on our behalf. We are still in that age of grace which, as I said, is coming to an end. 

The only sin about which He can do nothing is attached to your free will. If you refuse the offer of His free gift of salvation, He cannot make you. But…..that refusal comes with a hefty price tag, discussed further on.

Salvation is neither universal nor automatic.  It is a gift, which implies offering on the giver’s part… strings attached…..and acceptance–or rejection–on the part of the recipient.      


Secrets In The Hebrew Language.

When it comes to judgment, the Bible calls it “A DAY;” but says it’s the ACCEPTABLE YEAR OF THE LORD.  That’s because God is into Love and compassion, not judgment…..and a year is longer than a day.  He wants to bless people, not curse them.

The word in Hebrew for acceptable is “Radzon,” which means, “Delight, favor, acceptance.”  This same word is used in chapter 1 of Leviticus where it instructs you how to bring your lamb to the priest as a burnt offering.  
Under the Old Covenant, when you brought your lamb to the priest, you placed your hands on it’s head for your “Radzon: acceptance.”  The priest didn’t look at you to see if you were acceptable.  Of course not!  He knew why you were there.  He looked at your lamb to make sure it had no blemish.  When your lamb was thoroughly examined and found acceptable, it was then sacrificed in your place.  You went away that day made right with God by the death of the innocent…..the lamb…..for the guilty: YOU.
The Innocent lamb sacrificed for the guilty person.

God Looks At Your Lamb.

The old system of sacrifices was a shadow representation of the covenant under which we live today.  Our deal is FAR BETTER!  Just like the priest in the Old Testament, under our New Covenant, God isn’t looking at you to evaluate you either.  HE’S LOOKING AT YOUR LAMB, JESUS.  If He is acceptable…..and of course, He is…..then SO ARE YOU. 🙌🏻 

Thankfully UNlike the Old Testament, where sacrifices were offered continually and only COVERED, our perfect sacrifice, Jesus, was offered ONCE…..for all time!  Our sins are not covered:  THEY ARE CLEANSED…..ONCE FOR ALL TIME! HALLELUJAH!  Our forgiveness is not good only for the next 12 months; IT’S GOOD FOREVER.  
We only need to ask God to forgive our sins ONE TIME.  As far as sin is concerned, between us and God, IT’S A DONE DEAL.  The war is over.  Now we ask Him to help is in the areas where we fail while thanking Him for paying for that sin at the cross 2,000 years ago.
That doesn’t mean there won’t be human consequences for your deeds or actions.  But there is no more condemnation or consequences from God.  Asking forgiveness is horizontal–between people–not vertical, between us and God. You see, If God were to punish you for your sins under the New Deal, it would be unjust to Jesus, Who was already punished for them all on our behalf. 
Confession Under The New Covenant.
We still confess our sins to God but now it is because we know we are already forgiven.  We can talk to Him honestly and openly about those sins or bad habits that are keeping us bound so He can help us overcome them and gain victory in those areas.  But please understand your sins and shortcomings cannot touch your righteousness.  It is a gift you received, not an action you performed or continue to perform.
Simon, the Pharisee, had that misunderstanding of forgiveness, too, but Jesus set him straight. You may refer to the article below to read all about it:

The Right Sacrifice.

At the end of the last sentence Jesus read in the passage from Isaiah 61, there was a comma, past which He did not read.  You see, there is a debt for sin that must be paid.  Everyone:  EVERYONE, when they leave this life, MUST have a right sacrifice to offer God.  But you and I are blemished. We don’t qualify to be our own sacrifice.  There is only One Who qualifies:  JESUS.  We must present Him to God when we leave this life.

👇 👇👇

Those who don’t recognize and accept Him as their substitute, as their Savior, The One Who exhausted all God’s divine retribution and holy vengeance against ALL SIN and lawlessness for them, they will have to face “the day of the vengeance of God” for their sins ON THEIR OWN. 😭 God has no choice but to reject them since they rejected the only possible payment:  Jesus.  The sentence is eternal darkness where the fire 🔥 is never quenched, the worm 🐛  never dies, and their torment never ends. 😭 😭 😭 

But thanks be to God, Jesus is qualified!  ✝️ He was the final sacrifice. 🙌🏻  The blood of bulls and goats is NO LONGER accepted. It’s only Jesus…..NOTHING ELSE.
MUCH BETTER to accept His sacrifice offered for us than to be forever condemned to that awful place that was never intended for man. ♥️ I repeat: Make no mistake:  There is a day of judgment coming…..but it’s not here yet.  💗 
Final Judgment Still Future.
Since that day that is still future, legally and judiciously based on God’s word, it’s not right or accurate to say that God is judging America or this nation or those people.  He isn’t.  The “day of vengeance” will happen after the “acceptable year” of the Lord has come to an end, and not a nano-second sooner.

Our Radzon.

Jesus is still proclaiming that ACCEPTABLE YEAR, the year of “RADZON.”  The “DOOR” is still wide open.  The word for “acceptable” in Greek is “dektos.”   Thayer defines it this way: “Dektos denotes the most blessed time when salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound.” How AWESOME is that?!  God is delaying His return because He is willing that no one should perish in hell, but be saved to spend eternity in heaven with Him! ♥️ 

Judgment Seat Of Christ.
So what is this “JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST” all about?  Our “paid-in-full receipt” from Jesus will signify to a God on that “Day” that there is nothing in us to be judged; that Jesus paid ALL our debt!!!  AMEN!   
2 Corinthians 5:10 is the verse that has caused all the confusion.  Where translators have put the phrase, “Judgment seat of Christ,” the word, “Judgment,” doesn’t appear in Greek.  It is the word, “Bematos.”  What is that? 🧐 
Bema Seat.
The “Bema seat” is like in the Olympics.  If you competed in an event and won, you went to the “Bema seat” to you receive your reward or medal.  If you didn’t win, you simply didn’t receive anything.  That’s it!  The Béma Seat of Christ is the same. You may not get a reward, but you still make it to heaven.
The English translation of 2 Corinthians 5:10 also says in English “Deeds both good and bad,” which is both frightening and unfortunate.  It is another one of the many “translator issues” that we find in scripture. 😔  It would have been more accurate to have said, “for deeds of both great and little consequence;” No consequence in our eyes, anyway. In other words, you may think many things you did while on earth were of no consequence for eternity and for God’s kingdom or in reaching the lost.  But those things that seemed of little or no consequence to you had far-reaching effects of which you were unaware. 😮 

So fear not Church; There is NO JUDGMENT in your future…..Ever.  NONE!  Just as it is for our Lord Jesus, it is for you: ALL behind you.  YOUR PAID-IN-FULL receipt, JESUS, says so!  ♥️ In fact, in the previous chapter, Isaiah 60, God says of The church:  Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, 2 And deep darkness the people; BUT THE LORD WILL ARISE OVER YOU, And His glory will be seen upon YOU. The Gentiles shall come to your light, 3 And kings to the brightness of your rising.”

Lights In The Darkness.

It is getting very, very dark out there in the world today. But you and I can FEAR NOT: THE LORD WILL ARISE OVER US and make US shine so brightly in the darkness that kings will come to the brightness of our rising!  We will have such favor and blessings of God on us like never before, favors being things we don’t deserve, Church!  So, say “AMEN!”   


More Secrets In The Hebrew Language.

1 Corinthians 1:20 says “For all the promises of God in Him {in Christ} are Yes, and in Him AMEN, to the glory of God through us {you and me}.”  In other words, say “YES!” and “AMEN!” to all His promises FOR your life.  

If you don’t say, “Amen” TO His promises, there’ll be no fulfillment IN your life. When you say “yes and Amen,” YOU get the benefits and God gets the GLORY!

“AMEN” is a very interesting Hebrew word and the most well-known in every language. It is derived from root word for “Believe-aman (אמנ),” first spoken by Abram when he “Aman: believed” in the LORD and it was credited to him as righteousness.

“Faith” in Hebrew is “imunah (אמנה),” from the root word “amen.”  So when you say “amen,” you are saying “I believe that message;” in other words “so be it unto me.”

“Amen, amen; So be it unto you,” all who are reading this article.  May you catch ALL the blessings that God has for you!  May you not worried that you will face judgment either now or in the future of any kind.

THANKS BE TO GOD, it is still the Acceptable Year of the LORD!  And that’s the truth about the Judgment seat of Christ.   

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  1. Dear Servants of God

    Greetings in Jesus Might name! I am blessed and drilled to read your wonderful and touching website which has touched my heart so much and I am feeling to work with you hand in hand to build the kingdom of our most High God and to SET the captives free and free in Jesus name as the book of Isaiah 42:7 states!

    Our prayers to you as a young church down here in Eastern part of Kenya is to welcome you to feel free to come over here and hold a crusade/conference/Revival meetings and minister to us,teach, baptize us, ordain pastors and establish your work here since we are working independently without a good foundation ground of God’s word. As a young church worshiping under shade! We request for your love, prayers and support to help us:

    We’re facing challenges in the orphanage, our own children and the entire community down here in eastern part of Kenya.
    – Orphans and the community children have failed to go to school due to lack of
    . Water
    . Food and
    . School supplies
    According to the constitution of Kenya, education is the right to every child but due to poverty in the community, most parents are unable to meet the basic needs for their children and families.
    By His mercy and love, we humbly put a request since we live in a dry land, we pray to get a borehole in the community that would help orphans, community families and our church to get water to drink and to do farming to help our hopeless orphans whose parents died in the year 2007/2008 Kenya General election violence with food which is a great burden and challenge to us as a young growing church. Ezekiel 16:49

    Let His will be Done brethren as you read this message and feel free to help on how He will lead you!

    Be blessed and please let us devote ourselves in serving Him in Truth and Spirit since we don’t have any extra time left to waste!

    In Christ Jesus,

    Al and Mukiri

    Maua Christian Worriors Fellowship.

    P.O.BOX.306-60600 MAUA. /Whatsapp no/+254742031349

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    1. Wow! Praise the Name of Jesus!!! I am pleased that you have been so blessed. I am just one person and not an organization, as some might think. I began writing about 12 years ago, things I had learned about seeing Jesus in all the scriptures concerning Himself, particularly the Old Testament. Since then, Jesus has sent this blog around the world and is changing lives with it. I am in awe of what He is doing. All I did was learn, fall in love with Him, and write about Him. He has done this! 💖


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