The UNpardonable Sin?

“And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.” Matthew 12:31


Most of you reading this have probably heard a sermon or two about the topic at some point in your life, right? Me, too. You may have either felt threatened or had the living daylights scared out of you. You might even have wondered, “Could I be guilty of committing this sin?”  Afterward, of course, there was probably an altar call so that you could go rededicate your life to Christ or “get saved”(?) all over again, just to be sure. 🤔 This idea of getting “saved” all over again in not Biblical, Church.

Altar Call?

I don’t know why the humor of it never occurred to me but, after hearing such a message, what’s the point of having an altar call?  If you haven’t committed it, no problem. 😁  But…..if you have, then uh oh: YOU’RE TOAST 🔥 because, HELLO…..IT’S UNPARDONABLE! 🤯


Tell me something: First of all, how can Christians be guilty of this sin in light of John 10:28-29?  Either the Bible is contradicting itself…..AS IF!!!!!🤨…..OR…..secondly, There’s something we don’t understand.  

I’m gonna go with option 2.

Strong Consolation.
I don’t know what you heard in regard to what the unpardonable sin is or isn’t or whether or not you could have committed it, but here is strong consolation for you: The Apostle Paul NEVER mentioned any sin that was “unpardonable” in any of his writings to the Gentile believers.  If it existed and was any kind of threat, he certainly would have done so.  It would have been irresponsible for him to omit something of that magnitude in importance, don’t you think? Since he makes ZERO (zip, zilch, nada) mention of it anywhere in his writings to the Church, why all the fuss today?   Simple:  It’s all about context.

Rightly Dividing.

When reading and studying the Bible, CONTEXT IS KING. Take a “TEXT” out of its “CONTEXT” and you are left with a “CON.”

Incredible as it may seem, though all scripture is of benefit FOR us, not all of it was written TO us. This fact may be new or confusing to some but it is, nonetheless, true.  For instance: The gospel of Matthew was primarily written TO the Jewish people, not TO Gentiles, not that we can’t read it and be blessed, you understand. Anyone who preaches that a believer can commit the unpardonable sin #1: Doesn’t understand righteousness and #2.  Doesn’t understand how to rightly divide the word of God. They are taking the passage OUT OF CONTEXT. 😓

I personally know several good, well-meaning pastors with PhDs, that don’t understand these things. Yep, that’s right; Doctors of Divinity who don’t understand rightly dividing. 😲 They far from alone in that category, I’m sorry to say.
(For more on the topic of rightly dividing you may follow the link below to a series on that topic:
Rejection Of Jesus.
In the opening verse, Jesus is talking to you-know-who…AGAIN:  The Pharisees. 🙄 In Jesus’ presence, right to His face, they not only rejected Him in His three-fold glory but accused Him RELENTLESSLY AND CONTINUOUSLY of doing His miracles by the power of the devil, thus blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. THIS IS UNPARDONABLE.
Secondly, because they rejected Him as THE GREATEST Prophet, priest and King, (His 3-fold glory) in the very next chapter He begins to speak to them in parables.  He had to do so because He loved them.  It was both a kindness and a judgment against them. You see, parables were meant to hide truths, not reveal them. Cloaking the truth spared them the full weight of guilt for rejecting their Messiah.
(For more in that topic, you may follow the link below:
Remember what the Holy Spirit’s work is here in the world? Convict the world of sin and of their need for a Savior. If you responded by asking to be saved, you have not blasphemed Him, you are now in the Kingdom of God.
Here are some other categories into which you also do not fall (most likely):  1: Have any of you ever seen Jesus perform miracles in person?  2: Have you ever heard Him preach in person? 3:  Have you accused Him of being allied with the devil?  4: Are you a really, really, REALLY old Jewish religious leader from the time of Jesus who rejected Him?  No, no, no, no!
These people REJECTED Jesus. If you have ACCEPTED Him as your Savior and Lord, you have shifted from the “REJECT” category to the “ACCEPTANCE” of Jesus category. That means…..THERE IS NO SIN YOU COMMIT THAT IS NOT NOR CANNOT BE CLEANSED BY JESUS’ BLOOD.  NONE!!!  Jesus did a complete work. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 💖

Eternally Secure.

See what He says about those of us who belong to Him:

John 10:27-29 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. 28 I give them ETERNAL life, and they shall NEVER **{ou-mé}** perish; NO ONE will snatch them out of “MY HAND.”
29 My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; NO ONE CAN SNATCH THEM OUT OF MY FATHER’S HAND.”

Eyebrow Raised Emoji
**Ou-mé in Greek is a double negative meaning, “never, in no wise.” Double negatives in Greek strengthen the denial**. They make negative even stronger.  
Besides which, if you can lose it, THEN IT ISN’T ETERNAL. 🙄
Church, NO ONE can pluck you out of either Jesus’ hand OR His Father’s hand…..INCLUDING YOU.  JESUS HIMSELF SAYS SO.  I think we should believe Him.  You can’t even jump out, not that you would want to. I mean, who wants to go to hell on purpose, right? 😁
Scare Tactic.
If believers cannot commit this sin, why do pastors preach about it at all?  Well, as you saw above, they don’t really know how to rightly divide, which means they mix up the covenants, and they take the passage out of context, thereby preaching falsehood. This is unintentional, I assure you, but it ends up being a scare tactic in a vain attempt by them to get their people to live holy lives. They don’t want anyone going to hell, of course.  But, by preaching sin consciousness, they hamstring their people. IT ALWAYS BACKFIRES. 💥 💥 💥 
READ HEBREWS 10 and you’ll see:  God does not want us to have sin consciousness.  
(For more on that topic, you may follow the link below:
I think some folks also forget about 1 Corinthians 15:56 which says, “The strength of sin is the LAW.”  It is The Law that produces sin and unholy living. These are Paul’s words, not mine.  Grace is the antidote.
So set your mind at ease, Church.  You’re completely safe and secure. You don’t qualify to commit the UNpardonable sin. 💖

2 thoughts on “The UNpardonable Sin?

  1. Yep – there is no losing our salvation by sin! Yet so many preachers say if ou are not doing X Y or Z well you weren’t a real Christian in the first place! X Y and Z are usually the things they say you must be doing to prove you are a Christian….

    We are always and only a Christian by faith. By what we believe.

    They are always trying to make you sin conscious, feel guilty, and basically load you up with condemnation…. I love 2 Peter 1:9 where he is talking about all the fruits building in the Christian life, and he says if they aren’t happening to you, it is because you are not forgiveness conscious!! Don’t you just love that!?😀

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