The REAL Story In The Stars Part 4: Jesus, The Offerer And Offering Of Centaurus And Libra

John 10:17-18
“Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father.”
(Ancient Planisphere: Map of the constellations.)
In the star groupings associated with Centaurus and Libra, we find the Centaur and Victíma, both very important parts of the amazing story of redemption.  They graphically demonstrate that Jesus was BOTH OFFERER…..the Centaur, AND OFFERING…..the Victim.
Signs And Seasons.
Genesis 1:14 says, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be FOR SIGNS AND SEASONS, and for days and years;”
Well, He wasn’t kidding.  They’re for signs alright:  GOD BLASTED THE AMAZING STORY OF HIS SON, JESUS, AND HIS AWESOME WORK OF REDEMPTION ALL ACROSS THE NIGHT SKY!!! 😮 How’s that for a sign?  But that’s not all.

The picture above, called a “Planisphere,” is a panoramic view of the entire story.  All 48 constellations, even the names of individual stars, portray different facets a story that spans time and eternity.  It was, is, and ALWAYS WILL be ONLY about our wonderful JESUS, His love for us, and His work of redemption.

Perverted Narrative.
As you may have read in earlier articles in this series, this is not astrology.  In fact, it couldn’t be more opposite.
Think about it, Church: Who created the stars?  God, of course!  I’m sure it comes as no surprise that something wonderful that God created was perverted by the devil.  Our enemy distorted the story in order to keep man from learning the truth.
That’s what astrology is:  Distortion.  You and I, however, don’t need to be afraid of the devil or to learn about the gospel story in the stars because it’s ALL about Jesus.
When I first heard of all this, it made me really angry to know that the Church had been robbed of this beautiful story.  We no longer need the stars to tell the Gospel story, of course, because we have the written word.  I’m sure, however, many of you know people who believe in horoscopes and such nonsense.  Now you can tell the what they REALLY mean and lead them to Jesus!
So, I’d like to set the record straight and help restore to the Church our Father’s wonderful love letter to us.
(Constellation Victíma stabbed in the heart by Centaurus.)
Victíma And Centaurus.
Centaurus, which is part of the story of Victíma, is a small constellation which belongs to the previous grouping of stars aligned with Virgo.  Centaurs are creatures which do not exist in nature.  They were depicted as part man and part horse, depicting Jesus’ dual nature as both God and man.
It was said of centaurs that they had “No form or comeliness that we should desire them.”  Sound familiar?  It should!  It perfectly echos the verse found in Isaiah 53:2, referring to our Lord Jesus:
For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.”
(Centaurus directly above the Southern Cross.)
The Centaur is holding a spear that is aimed directly at the heart of Victíma.  Directly below him you’ll notice the constellation known as the Southern Cross or Crux.  (See picture above.)
Victíma is a picture of an animal in the act of falling down in death, having been slain by the spear belonging to the Centaur.  It appears to have pierced the creature’s heart.
Both of these star groupings are typologies of Jesus, demonstrating what you read in the opening verse that no man took His life.  He laid it down of His own free will, being both Offerer AND Offering.
Other Names For Victíma.
Our enemy, as part of his plan to confuse things, instigated the Romans to change the ancient name, “Victíma,” to “Lupus,” which means “Wolf,” a name that is a bit more in line with his evil agenda.  Then, he instigated the Greeks to call it “Thera,” meaning “Beast.”
Are you sensing a pattern here?  He did all this to confuse the narrative and pull the wool over gullible mankind so they would not learn the truth about God’s Champion.
The Latin name, “Victíma,” drawn from the earliest planispheres, is the most accurate meaning of this star grouping.  It fits perfectly with God’s narrative which is the only one that matters anyway.
(Jesus preached the Gospel to Abraham.)
Why Write The Story In The Stars?
Why did God write the Gospel Story in the night sky in the first place?  As we discussed in part 1, there was no written word for about 2,500 years. That’s how they spread the good news:  By recounting the celestial narrative.
Paul says, in Galatians 3:8, that Jesus preached the Gospel to Abraham.  How did He do it?  By recounting to him the story that was written above their heads, in the stars!  God, of course, knew that the Jewish people would ultimately reject the Messiah He was going to send.  After the Church is raptured, along with many other proofs hidden in the Hebrew text, the Gospel above our heads in the stars would help them understand that the entire New Testament written up there, is God’s word just as surely as the Old Testament!
Three-Act Play.
The story in the stars is kinda like a three-act play.  Act I reveals the story of the promised Messiah, The Champion Who would come and slay the great dragon, satan.
Act 2 continues the story, detailing His resurrection life received. It details Jesus’ death, resurrection, goes into the birth of the Church, and talks about the enemy that relentlessly tries to shipwreck her.
Act 3 finishes the story discussing the coming Kingdom and Judgment Established when Jesus returns at the end of the age as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!
HALLELUJAH! What a day that will be!
The Heart Of The Matter.
Why is this perversion going on?  Because the devil hates God Who told him in the Garden in Genesis 3 that He would send His Champion, the dragon slayer, Who would crush his head.  Well, he didn’t want his head crushed.
He did it because he hates us who are made in God’s image.  He hates the gospel story because, in believing it, we are rescued from his clutches!  He strikes at us is because he cannot strike at God directly, so he does the next best thing.
Why is it important for us to understand these things?  Because if you still think he has power over you and over the earth, he can affect you and your family.  The REAL GOSPEL unmasks him and his evil plot.  
Another Agenda.
But there is another reason he wanted to distort the story.  He believed that if he could prevent THE ONE, whoever He was, from coming, he could stop his own destruction and secure his position.  He’s still at it, even today, except that now he is trying to thwart the second coming.  Yeah, like that’s gonna work. 🙄
This is why anti-Semitism is spreading all over the world.  The devil is doing it to get his buddies to destroy Israel. Thinks that will solve his problem.  Hah!  NOPE!  Just as he UTTERLY FAILED to stop Jesus’ birth, he won’t succeed in his stopping the second coming, either.  Remember, he has a crushed head.   He can’t think straight.  He doesn’t know he’s already eternally lost.
Major And Minor Constellations.
The twelve major Mazzarotte signs (Hebrew for Zodiac) each have three accompanying star clusters called, “Decans.”  Each decan expands on the story of the Major star sign, or constellation, with which they are aligned.  There are 12 major constellations each with three accompanying minor star groupings for a grand total of 48.
Why 12?  For the 12 tribes of Israel.  For example; Libra was the sign ascribed to Levi because they were charged with the “Balances of the sanctuary.”  Leo, no surprise, represented Judah from whom the Lion of the tribe of Judah would come:  JESUS!
(The twelve major signs.)
Circular Story.
This narrative is a circular story so, in order to read it correctly, you must know where to begin.  It starts with the virgin, known by her Latin name, “Virgo,” and ends with the Lion of the tribe of Judah, “Leo.”
God went to GREAT LENGTHS to protect this information by arranging to have a GIGANTIC MONUMENT erected… Egypt of all places!  He did it so we would know where the story begins and where it end, which we studied this in part 3 about the Great Sphinx of Egypt.  Head of a woman, body of a Lion, it points to the beginning and the end of the story so it can be read correctly.
The Promised Messiah.
In this part that we’ll call Act 1, God tells us of the Promise of The Coming Messiah and how it would be fulfilled.  As you look at the names of each constellation, you can see how God begins to unfold the greatest story ever told!  Even the ancient names of individual stars and their meanings enhance and uphold the tale.  Some are in Hebrew but most are in other languages, like Arabic, Egyptian, Greek, and Latin.
Bootes(Constellation Boótës)
Act One.
The first major constellation is Virgo, the Virgin.  The other three associated with her story are Cōmá, which means “The Desired;”  Centaurus, The Centaur, depicts Jesus’ dual nature; and finally, “Boótës,” which means “The Coming One.”
In part 2 of Act l, Libra is the major sign.  She holds The Scales in her hand.  Her accompanying decans are Crux, The Southern Cross, Victíma, which we’ve been discussing, and Corona Borealis:  The Crown.

(Crux:  The Southern Cross)

The Southern Cross.
This star grouping today can only be seen when you are south of equator, but in ancient times, incredibly, it was visible as far north as the British Isles!  Why is it now not in the Northern Hemisphere?  Follow the link to the next part of this series to learn all about that MIND-BLOWING story.  See how the positions of both stars and constellations changed as events happened here on earth!  We will be discussing this in greater detail in part 5 of this series.
The Virgin And The Child.
Virgo, in her earliest depictions, had a male child in her lap depicting Jesus Who would be born of a virgin.  She holds in her hand ears of corn and stalks of wheat, reminding us of John 12:24
“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” (The Church.)
(Virgo, the Virgin.)
Cōmá, The Desired.
Earliest depictions of this decan are of a woman seated with a male child standing on her lap.  His head is slightly higher than hers indicating that, though she is His mother, the Child would be higher and, therefore, greater than her.
(Coma:  The Desired.)
Centaurus-the centaur; half man, half horse, is poised directly over the Southern Cross which portrays Jesus’ sacrificial death.  He is holding a spear pointed directly at a accompanying decan of the Libra star grouping, “Victima.”
Last of all is “Boótés-the Coming One.” He has a sickle in one hand and a shepherd’s staff in the other, depicting Jesus as the Great Shepherd of the sheep and the Harvester of souls.  You can see these constellations a bit clearer in the section of the planisphere pictured below.
Act 1, Scene 1.
Together these constellations unfold the incomparable story of the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus.  It tells us that this “Desired One,” (Cōma) would grow to maturity, having two complete natures (Centaurus) as both God and man, and be the One Who offers up Himself as a willing sacrifice:  Victíma.
He is the Coming One (Bōótês) Who would die for the sins of the whole world, be the revealer of God to mankind, full of grace and mercy.  He would come as Shepherd/Harvester—–>Boótés (bō-ótês), who has in His hand an upraised sickle.  With these implements He both protects the sheep of His flock and harvests many souls for the kingdom of God.
Act 1, Scene 2.
The next major sign, Libra, is holding a set of scales in her hand.  Often borrowed to portray justice, she is a picture of us who have been “Weighed in the scales and been found wanting.”
Being spiritually bankrupt, poor, blind, and naked, we owed a debt for our sin that we could not pay.  One side of the scale represents “That which is lacking” to pay our debt; the other speaks of “The price which is covered.”  In fact, it was OVERPAID!  HALLELUJAH!
The Southern Cross is the next decan, whose significance is obvious, followed by Victíma, spear pointing directly at his heart, depicting Jesus’ selfless, willing sacrifice.
What beautiful and touching pictures of the One Who loved us SO much, He gave Himself for us.  He is our precious Savior Who is both the OFFERER of the sacrifice and the VICTIM.  He is both the Slayer and Slain, a willing victim Who died in our place to pay the debt against us that we were unable to pay.
Corona Borealis.
Finally, we come to “Corona Borealis”  It literally appears as a crown in the night sky.  As the scripture says in Phillipians 2:9:  
“Wherefore God hath highly exulted Him and given Him a Name which is above EVERY NAME, that at the Name of JESUS every knee should bow.” 
…and Hebrews 2:9:
“But we see Jesus, Who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, CROWNED WITH GLORY AND HONOR.”

(Corona Borealis.)

Doesn’t all of it just warm your heart?  As David wrote in Psalm 19, more than we could ever have imagined, the heavens really DO declare your glory, Lord!  Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power and might!!!

Heartfelt thanks and endless praise to You, Lord Jesus, for the beautiful pictures of your work of redemption in the night sky in the constellations of Centaurus and Libra.

The REAL Story In The Stars Part 5: The Southern Cross.

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