Hamartanó: Missing The Mark.

Romans 3:23-26
“23 …all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”


The Greek word for “sin” in the Bible is Hamartanó.”  It literally means “Missing The Mark, I miss the mark; I make a mistake.”  To the Greeks, it painted a picture of a man shooting an arrow but missing the bulls eye.  They would say to that person who missed the mark that they have “Sinned.”

Man usually views sin in a judgmental or “RELIGIOUS” context.  If someone steals, lies, commits adultery, murders someone, or breaks one of the Ten Commandments, we say, “They have sinned.”  While that is certainly true, in God’s eyes, it goes far beyond that.


Sin In God’s Eyes.
What is sin to God?  Simply this:  “Missing the mark.”  In other words, “Falling short of the glory of God.”  A better question is, “Why does God hate sin?”  Because He wants THE VERY BEST for us.  Anything less than that God says is, “Hamartanó: Missing the mark.”
God’s Best.
What is God’s best for your mind?  To be free from worry, free from depression, at perfect peace.  What does worry and depression mean to God?  That your mind, your thinking has “Fallen short” of the glory of what God’s word says about you.  His word says you are “Beloved of Him, blessed, and highly favored, full of His Shalom, full of /wisdom and discernment.”  He says you have the mind of Christ!  When you’re depressed, you have, in effect, “fallen short.”
The Bible says that God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of SOUND MIND.  Depression is not the characteristic of a sound mind.  It demonstrates that there is part of you that does not trust God to provide and protect you.  That is SIN to God because your thinking has “Fallen short” of His best for you.
(For more on that topic, you may follow the link below:
Take Hold Of God’s Best.
How do you change your thinking to God’s best for you?  Confess, what His word says about you!  
Let’s face it:  Humans are basically negative.  We constantly need to reprogram our brains to align with God’s positive word daily…..hourly…..sometimes minute by minute.  You don’t want to become like Eeyor, the cartoon character that goes around with a rain cloud over his head, always pessimistic, always having a negative opinion.

Your Brain.

Your brain has a left side and a right side.  The left is more logical; the right is your creative side.  Faith is not logical.  It is not natural.  You cannot figure out the grace of God with your logical mind.  It comes from the right side of your brain which can imagine that God is a good God; that He keeps His word; that He will never leave you or forsake you.

Without faith, it is impossible to receive from God.  So you have to reprogram your logical side with your creative side by the word of God.  Anyone who is under a dark cloud, depressed, or negative all the time, you could say of them that their left brain has nothing “Right” in it, and their right brain has nothing “Left” in it.


So…..Metanóia: Change your mind!  Be renewed in the spirit of your mind as you see Jesus in all the scriptures concerning Himself.  That is how you are transformed!

The Other Nine Tenths Of Your Brain.

Science tells us that we only use about 1/10 of our brain capacity because man lost the glory of God when he fell.  Folks, we were robbed of 9/10 of our brains because of sin!

Hmmm…..Isn’t it interesting that God gave us “NINE” gifts of The Holy Spirit?  Why?  Because He gave us back what we lost!  So, the brain power and potential of someone who has received the Holy Spirit, in other words when they were born again, has been “Super-sized.”  God restored to us the other nine tenths!  Christ in us really, truly is “The hope of glory!”  HALLELUJAH!
Other Ways Of Falling Short.
You can “Come short of the glory of God” in your body if you are sick all the time.  That is not God’s will or His best for us!  You see, sin isn’t only lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, or all that kind of thing.  It is simply ” Missing the mark” of what God says you already are, what you already have in Christ Jesus because of what He did for us at Calvary.  He PAID IN FULL the price for your COMPLETE SHALOM.
What is His complete, “Shalom?”  The definition of the word, according to Strong’s Concordance, is “Completeness, wholeness, HEALTH, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, PROSPERITY.  Yes, that includes, but is not limited to, finances.
But it goes far beyond that.  It is also perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. It comes from the root word, “Shalom,” the verb, meaning “To be complete, perfect and full.”  In modern Hebrew the obviously related word, “Shelem” which means “To pay for;” and “Shulam,” which means “To be fully paid.”

For more on the topic of the word, “Shalom,” you may follow the link below:

Shalom. [שלום]

Redeemed From Falling Short.

Jesus came to redeem us from the total fallen state created by Adam when he fell and death passed to all of us.  He redeemed us from our “SIN”–our falling short; our lacking of; our forfeiting of the glory of God.”  His death bought back our forfeited inheritance; our complete SHALOM!

Thank you, Jesus!

Arise, Shine!

As the world outside the church sinks deeper and deeper into spiritual darkness, just like Isaiah prophesied in chapter 60 verse 2, you and I, God’s people, will shine brighter and brighter, especially as truths like these are restored to us.

There’s no sense trying to fight the darkness.  There really isn’t any need to.  It will work for us and show forth the Glory of the Lord that is already upon us, even though we are not perfect; even though we often find ourselves, “Hamartanó:  Missing the Mark.”

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